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7.2W/m RGB LED Strip Light Kits

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Imagine being able to find everything you need to give your room a new lease of life all in the same package. Well now you can, thanks to these 7.2W/M RGB LED Strip Light Kits from Mirrorstone!

That’s right, in the pack you’ll find a reel of our RGB LED tape in the length you’ve chosen, a remote controller and a 240v plug-and-play power adaptor, so you can’t go wrong.

The strip lights themselves come in lengths of 1-metre to 5-metres, and generate up to 510 lumens of RGB (Red, Green & Blue) colour-changing LED light per metre, the equivalent of a 60W halogen light source!

These strips emit light over a 120° beam angle, ensuring a wide spread of light, and have an extremely long life-expectancy that’s in excess of 50,000 hours! Ensure your LED strip lights achieve their full potential and look great by installing them using our Aluminium Profiles.

The Infrared Remote Control that’s supplied with every kit will enable you to achieve effects such as strobe, smooth, fade and flash as well as adjusting the brightness and the 16 colours which include white.

Some Great Features Of These LED Strip Lights

Aside from the money you’ll save on power and replacements when you switch from halogen illumination to LED, you’ll also notice how incredibly versatile this tape is. You’ll be able to cut these strips to length with just a pair of scissors, as they’re clearly marked at intervals of 10cm.

It’s really easy, and this short video will make it even easier:

These kits also come in a choice of two Ingress Protection levels, so indicate in the dropdown menu whether you’d prefer the IP20 or the IP65 rated tape.

The former will be fine for all indoor environments because it has minimal protection. The latter, however, has a layer of silicone protection that guards the tape against dust and ensures that it isn’t adversely affected by water, making it perfect for damp environments like the bathroom or even your garden.

With all these great features, you might think these kits cost the earth, but that just isn’t so because when you apply our latest promotional code to the contents of your shopping cart you’ll realise a discount of 10 to 20%.

Every pound you spend will earn reward points that you’ll be able to save until you achieve a further discount of up to 10% and any order of £40.00 or more will be shipped completely free-of-charge.

Returns And Warranty Details

All our products can be cancelled within 14 days if you’re not completely satisfied, so just contact us and arrange to send your purchase in exchange for a replacement or a refund.

Please be aware, however, that if you cut or otherwise alter your LED strip lights in any way, we won’t be able to accept a return under any circumstances.

These 7.2W/M RGB LED Strip Light Kits come complete with a 2-year replacement warranty, so you’ll have peace-of-mind going forward.

If you’d like to place an order for any of these LED strip light kits, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0116 321 4120 or send an email to:

You can also post your query on our Facebook or Twitter social media sites if you prefer.