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LED Strip Light Accessories

LED Strip Light Accessories

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There are 28 items in this category

28 Items

  1. 4-Pin RGB Connector (2 Pack)
    £1.85 £1.54
  2. Cnect 1m 2 Core Cable
    £1.19 £0.99
  3. Cnect 1m 4 Core Cable
    £1.85 £1.54
  4. Cnect 1m 5 Core Cable
    £2.38 £1.98
  5. RGB+CCT 6 Core Cable
    £2.64 £2.20
  6. Aon End Caps (5 Pack)
  7. 1m RJ45 CAT 5 Cable - Grey
    £0.79 £0.66
  8. 2m RJ45 CAT 5 Cable - Blue
    £1.00 £0.83
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There are 28 items in this category

28 Items


Our extensive range of Strip Light Accessories help you get the most out of your LED Tape.

There are so many accessories to choose from – you can find everything including cables, connectors and brackets.

For example, our 1m 4 Core Cable is the perfect way of connecting two separate pieces of RGB Tape. Better yet, it’s compatible with both 12V and 24V RGB Strips.

Our Pack of Two Corner Connectors are also a prime example of how simple our connectors work too. We stock versions that are compatible with any LED tape, like our 9.6W Single Colour LED Strip Light for instance.

All you need to do is simply open the connector, place the correct strip in, and close the connector shut – and that’s it! This lets you connect two separate pieces of tape in a neat corner, which is ideal for something like under cabinet lighting.

These connectors are available for 5050 sized strips too.

You’ll also find smaller accessories here, but all still equally useful – such as our Pack of 10 Silicone Brackets For 5050 LED Strips. These are designed to ensure that your strip stays fixed down to the surface on which they’re mounted.

Like with the connectors, these are also available for 3528 strips too.

If you’re looking to run a more high end set up, then you’ll be needing some of our 1.5m RJ45 CAT5 Cable to connect your DMX Decoder to your DMX 3-in-1 Wall Plate Controller. An installation like this lets you get the best out of your RGB LED Pixel Tape.

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