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LED Pixel Tape Controllers

LED Pixel Tape Controllers

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There are 8 items in this category

8 Items

  1. LED Pixel Tape Controller
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  2. RGB Amplifier
    £17.11 £14.26
  3. 16 Key LED Pixel Tape Controller
    £50.48 £41.65
  4. 180W PX24500 DMX Decoder (RGB Only)
    £35.27 £29.39
  5. LED 5-24V DC SPI Pixel Controller SC
    £30.25 £25.21
  6. Easilight PIR Sensor (2.4GHz)
    £18.52 £15.43
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There are 8 items in this category

8 Items


Make the very most of your RGB LED Pixel Tape with this selection of LED Pixel Tape Controllers from Mirrorstone Lighting.

Compact and simple to use, these controllers will enable you to achieve the full potential of your amazing pixel lights by utilising the vast number of functions including mode, the speed of colour changes and the brightness of the LEDs.

All these terrific functions can be precisely controlled with the RF (Radio Frequency) remote that’s supplied as standard.

One of the benefits of the radio frequency system is that there’s no need to point the controller at the receiver when using it or even to be in the same room!

This is one of the advantages of RF over Infra Red technology and will ensure that these controllers will function perfectly even at a range of up to 50 metres!

If your home or business premises are especially large, you may need to achieve an even greater distance for controllability and should, therefore, consider employing an LED Pixel Tape Controller/Amplifier.

It can handle 12V and 24V  types of LED strip light, and has a maximum load of 72W and 144W, dependent on which you’re using. This makes it a particularly versatile unit and, measuring just 130 x 70 x 25mm, it’s compact enough to be concealed from sight, so it won’t ruin the aesthetics of your space.

Remember that if your order exceeds £40.00 it will be shipped to you absolutely free-of-charge, so take advantage of that great offer!

Fabulous LED Pixel Tape

The perfect product for use in any design project or commercial installation, our bestselling RGB LED Pixel Tape has so much potential when used in conjunction with these controllers.

For instance, they’re able to generate a full colour spectrum thanks to the Red, Green and Blue LEDs on the strip, so you’ll use your controller to set the functions to reflect any situation and to create the perfect ambience.

Additionally, these controllers will enable you to achieve a dazzling lighting display incorporating up to 133 different effects on your strip from your Pixel Tape so, wherever you decide to install it, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect ambience for the occasion.

LED Pixel Tape is also available in kits which incorporate a 1-metre to 5-metre length of LED Pixel Tape, a Pixel Tape Controller/Amplifier and an appropriately sized plug and play power adaptor, so everything you’ll need is right there in one place!

When you make the switch from halogens to LEDs, you’ll start to notice a dramatic reduction in the amount of money you’re spending on your lighting. That’s because LEDs like this pixel tape consume just a tiny amount of electricity yet produce the same number of lumens.

This tape also has a massive 70,000 hour lifespan which means it will still be going strong in 23 years’ time even if they’re switched on for 8 hours every day!

You’ll also be able to save up to 10% on the price of a future purchase, thanks to our reward point scheme and, when you apply the latest of our promotional codes to the contents of your shopping cart, you’ll be given 10 to 20% discount on these and many other selected products.

Protection For Your Order

When you purchase one of our LED products, you’ll have 14-days to cancel it if it doesn’t quite meet all your requirements. Just contact us, arrange to send it back and we’ll be happy to offer you a replacement or a refund.

These products are protected by a 2-year manufacturer’s replacement warranty and are both CE and RoHS certified, so you can have absolute peace-of-mind going forward.

If you’d like a chat with a member of our customer service team about anything LED lighting-related, please don’t hesitate to ring us on 0116 321 4120 or send an email to:

You can also get in touch via our social media sites, so why not pop on over to Facebook or Twitter right now and post a comment or a query?