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Single Colour LED Controllers

Single Colour LED Controllers

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There are 4 items in this category

4 Items

  1. EasiLight Single Colour Zone Receiver
    £25.80 £21.50
  2. LED Single Colour Dimmer
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  3. 12V LED Dimmer Switch With IR Remote
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There are 4 items in this category

4 Items

If you’re only just discovering the massive benefits and advantages that LED strip lights bring to your life and your home, you might not be aware that you can control their light output using one of our Single Colour LED Controllers.

From Mirrorstone Lighting, these controllers use both Infrared (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF) wavelengths to operate, so you’ll be able to control your single colour LED strip lights even from a considerable distance away, and in another part of your home completely with the latter!

Something to be aware of is the fact that these controllers have a maximum load, which will effectively limit the lengths of LED strip light you’re able to use with them.

At the lower end, for example, our hugely popular LED Single Colour Dimmer has a maximum load of 96 watts meaning you’ll be able to control 20 metres of the Single Colour LED (60 x 3528 SMD, 4.8W) Strip Lights with it.

At the other end of the scale, the Smart Wireless Wall Plate with Controller has the ability to control up to 62.5 metres of the same LED strip, so it’s important to know which is right for you.

Another great feature of all of these controllers is that they’ll enable you to adjust the intensity or brightness of the light your single colour LED strip lights emit.

This won’t just give you the ability to create your own unique lighting ambience, you’ll also have control over the amount of electricity you’re consuming and will be able to save money as a result.

Save Even More With LEDs

Quite aside from their dimmability, LED strips are also considerably more cost-effective than their more traditional counterparts. Yes, they consume around 1/10th the amount of power required by a halogen light source, producing an equivalent number of lumens and lasting up to 20 times as long, so is it any wonder that so many people are switching to LED as their primary light source?

You’ll also save between 10 and 20% on the prices of all these great controllers simply by applying the latest promotional code to the contents of your shopping cart.

Every pound you spend will earn reward points with which you’ll be able to achieve a future discount of up to 10% and, if you’re order is £40.00 or more, it will be shipped to you free-of-charge.

Our Warranty And Returns Policies

Buy any of our LED lighting products and you’ll have 14 days to cancel it if you change your mind. So, if you’re not completely satisfied with a purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0116 321 4120 and arrange to return it in exchange for a replacement or a refund.

You’re also welcome to send us an email, to:, and you can post a comment or a query on our Facebook or Twitter pages if you prefer.

All of these Single Colour LED Controllers are protected by a 2-year manufacturer’s replacement warranty that should afford you extra peace-of-mind going forward.