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LED Power Supplies

LED Power Supplies

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  1. OptimX 12W 12v AC/DC Power Adapter
    £12.53 £10.44
  2. OptimX 24W 12V AC/DC Power Adapter
    £15.83 £13.19
  3. OptimX 60W 12v AC/DC Power Adapter
    £19.97 £16.64
  4. OptimX 100W 12V AC/DC Power Adapter
    £25.91 £21.59
  5. 24V 1A 24W ACDC Power Adapter
    £13.60 £11.33
  6. 24V 2A 48W ACDC Power Adapter
    £19.07 £15.89
  7. 24V 5A 120W ACDC Power Adapter
    £28.26 £23.55
  8. X-Power 25W LED Driver
  9. X-Power 48w LED Driver
  10. X-Power 60W LED Driver
    £21.76 £18.13
  11. X-Power 72W LED Driver
  12. 320W LED Driver
  13. X-Power 240W LED Driver
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There are 67 items in this category

Items 1-40


If you are buying LED Tape or low voltage LED lighting you will also need one of your power supplies. Our power supplies are designed to take your mains voltage supply and convert it to 12D DC (or 24V DC). Remember, using low voltage lighting on a mains voltage supply will damage the lights.

What power supplies do you sell?

Our power supplies come in two main types: power adapters and drivers.

Our power adapters are a plug-and-play solution and come with a 3-pin plug. They are designed to work from a normal mains outlet. These are commonly used in conjunction with our flexible LED Tape and offer a quick and simple solution for installation

Our LED Drivers are designed to work direct from your mains supply and need to be hardwired. These are recommended for more permanent installation and can be used in conjunction with our LED Tape or low voltage LED Lighting including G4s and MR16 LED Spotlights.

Please note: If you are swapping to low voltage LED lighting you will need to upgrade your existing transformers to LED Drivers. We cannot guarantee compatibility with your existing transformers.

What power supply do I need?

An important consideration when installing low voltage lighting is the load on the power supply. This determines the maximum combined wattage that can be added to the power supply. Exceeding the maximum load can damaged the power supply.

Calculating the load on the circuit is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is take the wattage of the bulb and multiply it by the number of bulbs on the circuit. In the case of LED Tape this will mean taking the number of metres and multiplying by the wattage per metre.

For example, if you are running 10m of 4.8W LED Tape the load on the circuit will be 48W. That means you will need at least a 48W power supply.

Once you know how many watts you are installing on the circuit you can decide which power supply you need. As long as you're not exceeding the maximum load you should be OK, but we always recommend leaving a 10% margin just to be safe.

Why buy Mirrorstone?

Our range of power supplies is sourced exclusively from Mirrorstone Lighting. Mirrorstone are specialists in the design and manufacture of LED Lighting and related accessories. The manufacturing process for these power supplies is meticulous ensuring only the best quality components and processes are utilized. All Mirrorstone products are compliant with EU regulations.