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Waterproof LED Drivers

Waterproof LED Drivers

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There are 14 items in this category

14 Items

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There are 14 items in this category

14 Items

We know that you need light in many places – some more unconventional than others.

For outdoor areas where you might need protection against the elements, you should really take a look at our range of Waterproof LED Drivers from Mean Well.

The drivers here cover all your needs no matter how big or small. The range starts at maximum loads of 20W, and go all the way up to 320W.

They all come with IP67 rating, and can therefore be submerged in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes – so they’ve got more than enough to protect against the worst nature has to throw at it!

Our 20W Waterproof LED Driver is the baby of the category, and can handle loads of up to 20W. It’s small too, measuring 118 x 35 x 26mm, so it can be stored out of sight.

It can be bought in either 12V or 24V too, so it can be used with a massive variety of lights. Incidentally, this is what makes it one of our best sellers.

At the very top of the range is the Mean Well HLG-320H 240V-24V Transformer. This has a maximum capacity of 320W, and is great for use with complex strip light installations.

Due to its higher load, it is larger than the other drivers at 244.2 x 68 x 38.8mm, but doesn’t require a fan or any other kind of coolant.

Down the middle is our Mean Well CLG-150-240V Transformer with its maximum load of 150W. This is great for all kinds of use, though LEDs have low power needs, so this is still a great option for substantial strip light setups.

IP Ratings Explained

We mentioned earlier that all the drivers in this category are waterproof, with most of them coming with IP67 rating.

This is great…but what does it mean?

IP ratings tell you how well a particular item guards against foreign bodies and moisture. The letters IP stand for Ingress Protection, whilst the two numbers that follow indicate the level of protection.

The first digit tells you how well it protects against foreign bodies, while the second digit indicates the protection against moisture.

If we take a look at our drivers here, most of them come with IP67 protection, so let’s split this up into its component parts. The 6 means that it is completely dust proof, and the 7 tells us that it’s submergible in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes.

Buy From The Best

When you buy any of our drivers from this range, you’re covered by our 14-day cancellation period, during which you’re welcome to a refund or exchange if you’ve changed your mind about anything.

Please note that our 150W, 240W and 320W are special order items. Not only will they take longer to reach you, but they will also have restocking fees of 15% applied should you need to return them.

Mean Well provide you with a 2 year replacement warranty for any further unlikely issues you might have.

You just need to either give us a call on 0116 321 4120, or send us an email to if you need to ask us anything. You can also get in touch via social media by liking our Facebook page, and by following us on Twitter too!