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LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights

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There are 37 items in this category

37 Items

  1. EasiLight 30W RGB + CCT LED Floodlight
    £80.37 £66.97
    Out of stock
  2. 10W Portable LED Floodlight
    £30.17 £25.14
  3. 620mm 20W LED Head For Tripod Base
    £52.93 £44.11
  4. Collapsible Tripod Base
    £52.80 £44.00
  5. LED 1500mm 25W Head For Tripod Base
    £71.72 £59.77
  6. LED 955mm 20W A-Frame Fitting
    £84.66 £70.55
  7. Lutec Colossus 2 x 10w IP65 Tripod
    £55.88 £46.57
  8. Lutec Colossus 2 x 20w IP65 Tripod
    £74.83 £62.36
  9. Lutec Colossus 2 x 30w IP65 Tripod
    £93.64 £78.03
  10. 300W SMD 4000K Black Floodlight
    £182.95 £152.46
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There are 37 items in this category

37 Items

10% Off Sale Storewide

LED flood lights in a range of wattages and styles - the perfect replacement for your existing halogen and incandescent floodlights. These are all-in-one units with an integrated driver units, ready-to-install.

The Benefits Of LED Flood Lights

Like our full range of outdoor LED lighting products, LED floodlights carry a number of benefits compared to their older halogen and incandescent counterparts. Perhaps the most obvious is that they save money in two ways. Firstly, they use up to 90% less power which means lower electricity bills. Second, they last up to ten times longer, which means you spend less money on replacements.

If you are looking to upgrade your old tired halogen floodlights then our range of LED floodlights are the perfect choice. We also offer options with PIR sensors so they will happily function as a security light adding additional protection to your home.

It is sometimes difficult working out exactly which type of LED floodlight you need. We currently offer options ranging from a small 10W unit all the way up to a 200W. Our smaller 10W floodlights are roughly equivalent to a 100W floodlight and are suitable for uplighting and providing illumination to smaller areas, such as side alleys and porches.

Our 20W and 30W units are suitable replacements for a 200W and 300W floodlight respectively and are suitable for most domestic applications such as garden and patio lighting as well as illuminating driveways.

For larger gardens and even some commercial applications, our 50W LED flood light is a sensible choice. Its light output is roughly equivalent to an old-style 500W flood light and will illuminate a medium to large sized garden.

These products also lend themselves very well to commercial applications such as warehouse and car park lighting. We have even had our floodlights used on golf courses. For these types of applications we always recommend either our 100W or 200W units.

All our LED flood lights are supplied with an integrated LED driver and will connect directly to your mains 240v power supply. Installation is no different to a standard flood light and should be a relatively straightforward job for a competent electrician.

If you are unsure about what type of floodlight you need feel free to speak to our customer service team who can guide you through the purchase process and recommend a suitable light for your needs.

The Mirrorstone Mark Of Quality

As with many new technologies customers can be a bit apprehensive when it comes to the quality and reliability of these products. In order to buy with confidence customers need to know they are investing in an established, reliable brand with a track record of success. Mirrorstone Lighting is that brand.

Mirrorstone Lighting are painstaking in their manufacturing processes to ensure that every flood light unit they create is to the highest possible standard, thus they come up with a warranty of up to 3 years.

Apart from a 14 day cancellation period and wholesale rates open to public we also offer regular discount codes with up to 20% off as well as bulk buy discounts on selected products.

If you have any queries regarding our offer please feel free to get in contact with us by e-mail on or on the phone on 0116 321 4120.