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Cnect 4 x 5050 RGB Colour Strip To Strip Connector


Cnect 4 x 5050 RGB Colour Strip To Strip Connector

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Key Features:
  • 5050
  • White Gloss
  • White
  • 12mm
  • 15mm
  • Mirrorstone
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  • Free ShippingOrders over £40

  • 14 DayCancellations

  • 12 MonthsWarranty

As with any electrical product, things like wiring can get very messy. Tangled cables can ruin what should be a fairly neat item.

This isn’t a problem with our 5050 RGB Colour Strip To Strip Connector. They’re great to connect 2 separate strip lights together, but will only work with our 5050 sized RGB tape.

All you need to do is cut your strip light to the required size, scrape off any silicone coating (only applicable for IP65 products), and then insert the strip into the connector. After that you’re good to go!

The white plastic finish gives a minimalist look, making sure that the focus remains on your bright and shiny LED strip lights.

At just 15mm in length, the Mirrorstone built connectors are small enough to go unnoticed too.

With 4 included in the box, there are enough connectors for multiple joins.

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Introducing Cnect

Our new CNECT range of accessories makes it even easier to join your LED strip lights in different ways. Featuring an upgrade on materials, to ensure they’re more premium, these accessories are more resilient than ever before. This also makes them much easier to use, as they are now much less fiddly to manipulate.

A Strip Light To Connect

As mentioned previously, this connector will only work with our selection of 5050 RGB LED tape. We’ve got a couple of products that would be perfect.

The first is our 7.2W RGB Colour LED Strip Light. Using just 7.2W, this strip light will give off a maximum brightness of 510 lumens. This is plenty of light for relatively small power consumption.

A lifespan of over 50,000 hours means it will outlast incandescent and fluorescent lights too, making it a worthy investment.

The other recommendation we have is our 14.4W RGB Colour LED Strip Light. At double the energy, it also provides double the end product, with a massive 1020 lumens.

This makes it better for general illumination as opposed to mood lighting.

It too has the same lifespan as the 7.2W – at 50,000 hours.

If you already have your RGB strip lights and are looking to get the most out of them, be sure to check out our wider range of strip light accessories.

Leaving Behind Old Lighting

There are many reasons why you should start using LEDs. Not only do they save you money, but they’re safer too.

Here’s how.

LEDs are far more efficient with their energy than their incandescent counterparts. Incandescent bulbs lose up to 80% of their energy from just heat escaping. This only leaves 20% to provide light.

This is hugely inefficient on all counts.

Compared to this, LEDs lose just 10% of their energy to heat wastage. This leaves 90% to provide light, and results in a tenfold improvement in efficiency.

There are 3 main benefits to this. The first is that LEDs suffer less wear and tear from heat, hence why they have such impressive lifespans. This means you won’t have to buy replacements all the time.

The next benefit is that they then use considerably less energy than incandescent bulbs, saving you money on your electricity bills. As it happens, this is also better for the environment too, as fewer fossil fuels need to be burned.

The safety aspect comes in here too. Less heat wastage means that LEDs have a much cooler operating temperature. This leads to less risk of fire, and that you won’t burn yourself by touching the light while it’s on.

Giving You Top Customer Service

If you decide for whatever reason that you need to return your strip light connectors, you’re eligible for a full refund or exchange during our 14 day home trial period.

Further into the future, you also have a 12 month manufacturer warranty too.

For any other queries you might have about this RGB Colour Strip To Strip Connector, our high quality LED tapes, wholesale orders or anything else then please get in touch.

Send us an email at, or speak to a member of our customer service team on 0116 321 4120.

More Information
Size 5050
Frame White Gloss
Finish White
Width (mm) 12mm
Length(mm) 15mm
Brand Mirrorstone
Voltage 240v Mains
Input Voltage n/a
Certification CE, RoHS

4.33 Average

3 Reviews

Colin Merry

I found soldering was difficult as it was easy to tack two pins together. Not the fault of the connector though. More my soldering bit being too large. However, when finished and assembled it looked tidy and professional. Definitely does the job of joining two led strips together.

Sally Warden

Saves me soldering and easily removable! Great x.


Very easy to snap onto the led tape without needing to use a soldering iron. Found them a little awkward at first but got used to using them quickly.

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