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NeoDeck White LED Decking Light Kit 15mm Description

Take a look at this sumptuous White LED Decking Light Kit from Mirrorstone, because its great functionality and stylish good looks will make it the perfect product for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Fashioned from tough, weather-proof stainless steel, these decking lights have an IP65 (Ingress Protection) Rating, so they’re totally dust-tight and well able to withstand barrages of water from all directions.

This means they’ll not only be the perfect lights for your kitchen plinth. Island and shelves, they’ll also look fantastic in your garden as decking, patio or gazebo lighting, adding a splash of sophistication and enhancing the ambience.

You’ll be able to choose between pack sizes of 6, 10 or 20 x 15mm white LED decking lights as well as the cables and connectors. These will give you 5 metres from the transformer to the first light and 1 metre of cable between each light thereafter. You’ll also get an IP44 rated low voltage LED driver along with these lights.

Please be aware that the supplied transformer is only designed to run the amount of lights included in the pack. You cannot add any more lights on, else this will overload the transformer.

Installation really could not be simpler, requiring only that you create the desired number of 10mm holes in whichever surface you choose, and the Plug and Play capability means that you’ll be all set up and ready to go in no time flat!

Introducing NeoDeck

The NeoDeck range of decking lights upgrades your outdoor experience. With a more vivid light than ever before, your coloured or white lights will brighten up your night. It’s the same low energy usage you’d expect, with brighter lights, and improved weather resistance. It’s a completely new decking adventure.

Spread A Little Ambience!

If you’re not 100% certain that the white lights will be right for your particular application, we have an extremely wide range of other types of LED decking lights from which to choose.

In this 15mm variety, we offer blue, red, green and pink, and particularly suited to comfortable, convivial environments, there’s a mellow, relaxing warm white variety too.

But that’s not all. If the 1W 15mm lights aren’t going to provide sufficient Lumens of brightness for you, we also have the more intense 3.5W 40mm variety in a similar range of colours.

Bear in mind that, as you’re able to buy these kits with different numbers of lights, you can be imaginative and use a combination of colours to achieve some absolutely fantastic effects inside your home or in your garden.

If you purchase a sufficient quantity of these LLED decking light kits, remember that you’ll have them shipped completely free of charge if your order exceeds £40.00!

Keep a very close eye on our frequently updated discount codes, and get between 10 and 20% off the price of certain selected items.

Create an online account, become a trade customer and take advantage of our incredibly low wholesale rates. It’s as easy as pie!

Give Something Back To The Environment

When you switch from your outmoded light sources to LED, you’ll realise what you’ve been missing out on all these years.

They’re so much more energy-efficient and versatile than traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, requiring a tiny fraction of the electricity to power them.

They’re manufactured using 100% recyclable materials, so there’s no reason for them to end up as landfill like old-school bulbs invariably do.

LEDs also last a lot longer than both of their old-fashioned counterparts, their 50,000 life expectancy outstripping incandescent bulbs by 20 to 1.

They’re not just environmentally friendly either, they’re better health-wise too. Burning coolly, these decking lights present no danger of accidental burning, should they be stepped on.

Returns Policy And Aftercare

When you’re buying goods online there’s always the chance that you’ll receive something that doesn’t quite meet your expectations, or do what you want it to. If this happens with one of our deck light kits and it’s within 14 days of your purchase, you can return it and receive a replacement or a full refund.

This White 15mm LED Decking Light Kit is a special order item and, as such, you’ll be liable to pay a 15% restocking fee if you wish to return it. Therefore, it’s in your best interests to ensure it’s the right kit for you, prior to completing your transaction.

This item is fully covered for 12 months by the Mirrorstone Manufacturer’s Guarantee.

Why Not Give Us A Call?

If you’d like to buy or just chat about this LED Decking Light Kit, or any of our LED lights, why not give a call to one of our friendly and professional customer service advisors on 0116 321 4120?

They’re available between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday, and from 9am till 2pm on Saturdays. Or, if you’d prefer, you can drop us an e-mail to any time you like!