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OMNIPlus B15 4w OMNI-LED Clear Candle Bulb

OMNIPlus B15 4w OMNI-LED Clear Candle Bulb

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Key Features:
  • B15
  • Candle
  • 430Lm
  • 4W
  • 35w
  • 220v-240v
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  • 14 DayCancellations

  • 5 Years*Warranty

For a tiny bulb that packs a wallop of illuminating power, check out the B15 OMNI-LED Clear Candle Bulb. This extraordinary development in lighting technology is the perfect replacement for you antiquated 35W incandescent bulb. Because it uses such a standard B15 fitting, it’s simple to switch to LED lighting and reap the massive benefits that LEDs bring.

Check out the estimated lifespan of this bulb – around 30,000 hours! Say goodbye to constantly changing your light bulb – 30,000 hours is over ten years, when used for eight hours a day. When you realise that an incandescent’s lifespan is approximately 1,200 hours – or just a few months, the savings you make on buying light bulbs alone make it a no-brainer to switch.

The choice is yours, however. But if you’d prefer to buy 25 halogens to last the same time as 1 LED, then that’s your prerogative.

Introducing OMNIPlus

With our OMNIPlus range of LED bulbs, you’ll be getting a more efficient, brighter bulb that outperforms our previous range by far. An improved aluminium heat sink means an even greater lifespan, so your lighting will shine for longer. Join the next generation of eco-friendly saving and upgrade today.


This bulb uses just 4W of energy to deliver a solid 330 lumens of light – the same as a 35W halogen. However, as it uses just 4W of energy, you’re using over 90% less energy! This is easily translated into 90% saving on your lighting bill, too. This means that your lighting bills can be lowered every single month for the next ten years with an LED!

Why not kit the whole house out in LEDs? After all, you’d have to run over eleven of these at the same time just to use the same energy as one halogen, so your savings can rack up almost exponentially.

Some Technical Info

Measuring just 98mm in height, with a 37mm diameter, these bulbs are tiny enough to fit into most fittings and shades. They require just a standard 220-240v mains connection, so are easy to retrofit into your existing system. These have a 360˚ beam angle, which is perfect for general illumination. The LED has also been developed by Mirrorstone.

These LEDs come with a pretty impressive warranty, which can also be extended to five years! It also has a 14-day cancellation period in case you’ve chosen the wrong bulb.

Which White Light is Right?

With an incandescent, you only get one colour temperature to choose from. With an LED, you can break the mould and choose between a warm 3000k light, and a cool 6000k light. What’s the difference? Well, a warm white offers a more intimate glow that is reminiscent of an incandescent. This often looks better providing ambience in a bedroom or living room setting.

The cool white offers a more clinical look that can help you to focus. It’s often deployed in a kitchen or office setting although the choice is yours. The two can also be blended for different effects; for example, you could have warm white spotlights in a kitchen for general ambience, and have cool white under-cabinet lights for better illumination of the worktops.

Check this video out for more info on LED colour temperature.

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Some Alternatives

We have a couple of other options, when it comes to B15 LEDs. Both very similar to this particular LED, we have a Dimmable B15 4W OMNI-LED, Clear Candle – which brings the ability to dim. We also have the B15 3.5W LED Bulb Candle, Ceramic Frosted – which brings a frosted tint to the bulb.

Bonus Info

You can get your delivery completely free, just by spending £40! We also have wholesale trade prices available to those who qualify.

If you need any help with this LED, or anything else you see on the online store today, then don’t be afraid to get in touch. Call us on 0116 321 4120, email us at, or check out our Facebook and Twitter.

More Information
Base B15
Style Candle
Lumens 430Lm
Power 4W
Equivalent Wattage 35w
Input Voltage 220v-240v
Height (mm) 98
Diameter (mm) 35
Life Hours 30,000
Beam Angle 360°
Dimmable Non-Dimmable
Colour Warm White (3000K) & Cool White (6000K)
Warranty 2 Years Upgradable to 5 Years
Certification CE, RoHS
Brand Mirrorstone

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