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Cook Up Some New Lighting For Your Kitchen!

As the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house, it’s so important to get the interior design right. And in terms of a fantastic interior design, your lighting can absolutely raise your kitchen game.Kitchen with LED lighting

Because you spend so much time in your kitchen, the lighting has to create mood, be bright enough to see what you’re cooking, and still look great. That’s why we’re giving you these five lighting examples for you to consider for your kitchen makeover. Whether you’re after some clinical, minimalist lighting to complement your aesthetics, or if you want some intimate lighting to suit a cosy kitchen, then we have a light for you.

#1: Throwing Shade

A pendant light is the traditional light shade, one that hangs from the ceiling, like a pendant. They can take on loads of different styles, shapes and colours, including metal, glass, fabric, wood and plastic. They’re brilliant for most settings, so your kitchen can look great with a centralised light fitting. They offer a more general illumination, so it may be worth teaming one with some cabinet lighting for more focused lighting.

Check out our complete range of LED pendant lights, and see whether you want to go traditional or contemporary.

#2: Steampunk Makes the Dream Work

The steampunk look is one that’s always in fashion. Perfect for a kitchen, the blend of antiquated design and modern technology is one that creates an astonishing look. Whether there’s the smoked glass look, or a robust metal pipework, it’s a look that is fantastic when teamed with a retro-style LED light. The copper and brass effects when teamed with smoked glass or matt black metal can really warm up a room, especially with an amber-coated LED.

#3: I Don’t Mind. Living Under Your Spotlight

Spotlights are all the rage these days, as they are so flexible, creating both general illumination and targeted light, if necessary. Team one with a light, naturally coloured kitchen for some minimalism. Or, try it with a darkly coloured room with plenty of silver flourishes for a sci-fi influenced design. The ambience that spotlights can create is perfect for rooms such as kitchens. It’s not just targeted lighting that helps in kitchens, but also the ambience, which heightens the warmth, through accenting.

Again, we have plenty of other spotlight fittings to have a look through – whether these are single, triple, 4-way, 6-way or even 8-way fittings, we have a few different styles to pick from.

#4: Do A Little Dance. Make A Little Love. Get A Downlight.

Have you seen how gorgeous integrated downlights can be? If you don’t know what we mean, then you’ve surely not seen how incredibly modern and simplistic they look, with complete light brightness. Plus, they’re no longer expensive to run, as previously, you’d be paying for multiple bulbs to run, rather than just one in the centre of the room. Now, however, the energy efficiency of LEDs mean that each bulb uses up to 90% less energy than its incandescent equivalent, so you can power 10 downlights for the price of just one standard halogen bulb!

These fire-rated downlights are great for a kitchen, because in the event of a cooking accident, they swell up in the heat to protect against heat and smoke rising through the ceiling.

Ceiling with Spotlights

#5: Strip it Down

Create some stunning effects in your kitchen with some LED Strip Lights. Available in warm, cool, red, green, purple or blue, with a creative mind you can make some gorgeous under-cabinet lighting. You could use them to illuminate your counters, as mood lighting around cabinets, or as a backlight for your television.

Which to Pick?

Now that you’ve seen a few options for your kitchen, it’s time for you to decide which works best. Do you go for a centralised pendant light, a 4-way spotlight fitting, or integrated downlights? Do you require a wall light, under-cabinet lighting, or a floor lamp? Here at WLED, we have something for every aesthetic and need.

It’s not just light fittings, either. We have bulbs for every fitting, style and size, so get an LED to complete your interior design, and save plenty of money, too.

Kitchen with Strip Lights

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