Get ready to spring into the new season with LED Outdoor Lighting. With the warmer weather and longer days right around the corner, there has never been a better time to spruce up the exterior of your home.

We have all the fittings you could possibly need to get your garden ready for a summer soirée or to entertain guests right into the evening. Keep reading to find out more with the WLED garden lighting guide!

Orb festoon lights in trees

For your evening get-togethers, or family BBQ’s, you need a little extra supplementary light to keep your garden illuminated even while the sun begins to set. While it’s true that here in the UK, we haven’t got the most luck when it comes to the weather, we may as well make the most of it while it does last…

There are so many ways you can dress your home. From purchasing pretty festoon lights to hang between the trees, or by installing decking lights to liven up that dreary wooden centrepiece. With so many different options and styles to choose from, we thought we would break it down.

Decorate With Festoon Lights

Festoon lights, string, fairy. All are the same style of light that will definitely add a decorative finish to your garden. They’re the perfect choice for a special occasion or to add a cosier feel while you’re snuggling late at night.

They’re the simple lighting solution with a tonne of appeal. Better yet, they are completely affordable with many having integrated solar panels so they can be charged throughout the day.

They are hassle-free fittings which are easy to install. You can hang them throughout the trees, draped along the fencing, or directly from your house to hang above your seating area. They will add a soft, subtle glow, and all come with an IP44 Rating so you can decorate your garden all year round.

festoon in trees in the back garden

Deck Out Your Lighting

Decking lights are great not only for safety reasons, but for decorative reasons too. They can completely transform and revamp your tired decking, creating an irresistible atmosphere – perfect for any celebration or al fresco dinner party.

The easiest and most discreet way to brighten the deck is to use recessed decking lights which are extremely simple to install. They also come in a range of colours that truly gives you that summer-ready feeling. From pink, to blue, all the way to traditional warm and cool white’s, there is something for any style.

They make the outdoors that touch safer too. When things start to get a little late, and perhaps you’ve been drinking, it can be easy to miss a step. We’ve all been there! With these lights, however, each step will be well lit, guiding you up and down the stairs.

We have a range of options – from different colours, to different sized cutting holes. Browse our range to find the best decking solution for you.

Wooden deck with decking lights

Fanciful Wall Lights

How about a stunning wall fitting to create an ambient light to brighten the whole garden. While festoon lights and deck fittings add a glow to certain areas, wall lights can illuminate a larger area.

For the back garden, you want to stick to something with class rather than more industrialised lighting that tends to be implemented on the front drive.

We love visionary lighting that won’t appear domineering, but will give a lovely illuminated glow. By using wall lights, you can do just this, and they will also last all year round. Even when you are not entertaining, they will brighten your garden on a gloomy winters’ day.

For the garden, check out the 12w Outdoor IP54 Warm White 730lm Circle Up & Down Wall Light. This elegant fitting uses integrated rings of powerful LEDs to illuminate the upper, and lower half of the wall it is installed on. Or, there are traditional up/down wall lighters that come in a range of gorgeous finishes to contemporise your back garden.

Integrated ring garden light

For more fun fittings to bring your garden back to life, browse through our ever-popular range of Outdoor Lights. Or, if you need a helping hand and want some styling advice, then get in touch with our team of specialists. You can reach us on 0116 321 4120, or you can send us an email to

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