Our mission here at Wholesale LED Lights is to find innovative lighting solutions to help you transform your home. With our brand-new EasiLight range, we have done just that. Offering WiFi and Alexa friendly lighting, you can take your illumination to the next level helping to create your dream home.RGB Lighting

For a while now, many have swayed from opting for smart lighting due to the hefty price tag. But, what if we told you it is possible to have intelligent controls over your lighting without the cost? Thanks to our EasiLight range, this is now the reality.

With a world of products, your options are endless. From remote controls, to in-app use, the way you take charge of your lighting will be tailored to your wants and needs.

Why Use EasiLight?

With time and technology constantly progressing, there also comes a time to progress how you brighten your home. With EasiLight, you can change the colour, brightness, mode and more of your lighting at the touch of a button.

Now, you can create the perfect atmosphere in any room of your home adding the colour of your choice and dimming it to your desire. With a range of fun settings and modes you can even strobe and cause the light to flash if you’re planning an evening soirée.

Being multi-functional, you no longer have to rely on dull bulbs and inconvenient switches. You can now opt for fantastic colour changing bulbs that can be controlled using a remote, your phone or via voice command.

Unlike other smart lighting, you will not be limited to just bulbs either. Our range of LED Strip Tape are also fully compatible with our EasiLight receivers and remotes.

Colourful bedroom

How It All Works

Whether you’re looking to control your bulbs or strips from your phone or remote, you will need to purchase a separate receiver. If you were after forward-thinking lighting and wanted to control your fittings through your phone or Amazon Alexa, you must purchase a WiFi receiver.

You can either hard-wire your receivers and leave them out of sight, or you can plug them into the mains as they use RF. Once installed, you will need to download the latest version of the MiLight app which is available on both IOS app store and Google Play. As soon as it is downloaded, you will need to connect to the MiLight WiFi and then pair the app to your home network.

This step isn’t necessary if you wanted to control them solely using a remote.

No matter which method you use to manage the lights, you will need to sync the bulbs to your app/remote. To do this, you need to turn the light off then switch it back on and press the ‘I’ on the zone of your choice. Not only is zoning your lighting convenient, but it also means that you can turn them all off in one single tap.

Understanding EasiLight

Using Your Smart Phone

When you use your smart device, you will have the freedom to control your lights remotely or away from your home as long as you are connected to mobile data. This means that even if you were to forget to turn your lights off when you leave for work, you can turn them all off in one click from the office.

Everyone is aware of the fact that your lighting can leave your home protected from burglars. EasiLight is no exception. As you can control them from your phone, you can turn your lights on and off, or dim them while you’re out. This will deter any burglars, giving the impression your home is fully occupied.

Don’t forget that with your phone, you can control timers. A popular function is the ‘Wake Up & Go To Sleep’ feature which mimics sunrise to help you wake up naturally. Then, at night time, your lighting will become warmer, mimicking sunset to help you wind down.

Even More Options

Instead of using a smart phone, we have a whole host of ingenious devices which will allow you to take charge of your lighting.

With the wall plates, you will have full zone and colour control, with options for RGB, RGBW and CCT. Each comes with high-end tempered glass covering the plate meaning it will be 100% scratch-resistant for a luxury finish which lasts.

Our favourite is the EasiLight 8 Zone RGB+CCT Smart Panel Remote Controller. With 8 zone options and a full RGB spectrum including white light options, you will never be bored of your lighting again.

There is also a plethora of remotes, ranging with different controls and features depending on your needs.

If you’re just starting to kit out your home with smart features, we recommend starting with the bulbs. Easy to install and easy to control, you will be able to see how easily EasiLight can transform your home.

Please note that some controllers and receivers are only compatible with certain sister products. Our team of advisors will be able to guide you on which is the perfect pair for the other.

Get In Touch

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