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LED Pixel Tape Kits

LED Pixel Tape Kits

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There are 5 items in this category

5 Items

  1. 1m RGB LED Pixel Tape Kit
  2. 2m RGB LED Pixel Tape Kit
  3. 3m RGB LED Pixel Tape Kit
  4. 4m RGB LED Pixel Tape Kit
  5. 5m RGB LED Pixel Tape Kit
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There are 5 items in this category

5 Items

Of all the different kinds of LED Strip Light Kit we have available, our selection of LED Pixel Tape Kits offer the easiest route to the most high end functions – so they’re great for DJ setups, exhibitions, commercial displays or anything else like that.

Each kit comes with a radio frequency controller, plug and play power adapter, and either 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m or 5m of LED Pixel Tape.

They’re made by Mirrorstone too – so you know you’ll be getting the very finest quality. So much so, that our LED Pixel Tape has been used by Samsung, at the launch of their Galaxy Tablet and Gear launch back in 2013!

You can check out how it looked below!

Let’s take a look at what makes them so special.

The main difference between Pixel Tape and other kinds of strip light is that each individual LED is addressable. So using our supplied controller, it’s capable of over 133 different features and effects!

This includes things like strobing, chasing and flashing, amongst countless others!

Don’t forget that pixel tape can also theoretically emit any colour on the RGB scale – giving you literally unprecedented levels of creative and artistic freedom for any kind of display you want!

The Technical Details

For every metre of tape you have, it’ll emit 510 lumens of dimmable light, using just 7.2W of energy per metre. This essentially matches the performance of a 60W halogen light.

The 120o beam angle ensures that the light is distributed across a wide area – so everyone will feel the effects of your amazing setup!

IP65 protection is available for those who’d like to use it in areas with high water concentrations, whilst the 50,000 hour lifespan means it stands the test of time…and then some!

Our 3m RGB LED Pixel Tape Kit is a great all-rounder that is very popular because of its versatile length.

You can visit our discounts and promotional codes page for the chance to earn up to 20% off our Pixel Tape Kits, on top of the free shipping you’ll already get on all these items.

Choosing Mirrorstone

As well as the unbeatable quality on offer from Mirrorstone, you’d also be hard pressed to find better after sales care as well.

LED strip lights are generally some of the most reliable products you can buy, but despite this, Mirrorstone still provide a 2 year replacement warranty should anything go wrong. This means you can buy in confidence from an industry leader!

We’ll also do our part too – giving you a 14-day cancellation period, during which you can send your kit back to us if you’ve changed your mind about anything.

Our dedicated customer support staff can also help you with any issues or queries you have – you just need to get in touch by calling 0116 321 4120, emailing, or using our Facebook and Twitter pages.