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9.6W/m LED Strip Light Kits

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If you’re looking for the simplest, most convenient method of achieving a perfect LED strip light installation, you should really check out these 9.6 Watts per Metre LED Strip Light Kits from Mirrorstone Lighting.

Available from 1-metre to 5-metres, you’ll receive an appropriate length of LED strip and a 240V power adaptor to give you true plug-and-playability.

Thus, you’ll be able to choose the ideal length of LED strip for your installation and to cut them to your own unique specifications. Cutting your LED strips to length is quite simple, but to give you extra confidence to tackle the job yourself, please take a look at this short video presentation:

You’ll need to let us know your colour temperature preference when you’re ordering your strip lights, so just indicate cool (6000K) or warm (3000K) white in the drop-down menu.

Your choice of location for your LED strip lights will dictate the level of Ingress Protection you’ll require, so click IP20 for indoor use and IP65 for outdoors.

These strip lights consume just 9.6 watts of electricity for each metre of their length – each metre generating an enormous 800 Lumens of brightness over a wide 120° beam angle.

Make Savings With Our LED Lighting

This is equivalent to the amount of light a traditional 70 watt incandescent bulb would produce for a tiny fraction of the energy, so you’ll actually save money by switching over to LED lighting!

Plus, with a life-expectancy that’s in excess of 50,000 hours, you’ll still be enjoying  the benefits of these strip lights in over 17 years’ time, even if you have them switched on for 8 hours every night, That’s a lot longer than you’d expect a traditional light source to last and represents yet another saving on replacements.

Apply the latest discount code to the contents of your shopping trolley and save 10 – 20% on the price of these LED Strip Light Kits, and every pound you spend will enable you to save toward a 10% discount on a future purchase thanks to our reward points scheme.

Don’t forget that orders of £40.00 or more are shipped completely free-of-charge and, if you’re already in the trade, you’ll be able to create a trade account with us and take advantage of our massively reduced wholesale prices!

28-Day Returns And Manufacturer’s Warranty

If you’re a frequent online buyer, you’ll be aware that the item you receive isn’t always what you expect it to be. That’s why we give you a full 14 days to check out all our products in the comfort of your home.

If your purchase doesn’t quite tick all your boxes, just give us a call on 0116 321 4120, arrange to return it in its original packaging and we’ll be happy to offer you a replacement product or a refund.

Otherwise, you can send us an email to: or contact us via our Facebook or Twitter social media sites.

When you purchase any of these 9.6W/M LED Strip Light Kits from us, you’ll be fully covered for 2 years by the manufacturer’s replacement warranty.