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Dual Colour 12V LED Tape

Dual Colour 12V LED Tape

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Long lasting and with the choice of variable moods, you can find the highest commercial standard LED Tape developed by Mirrorstone Lighting is available exclusively at Wholesale LED Lights.

Perfect for any location thanks to the option of any colour temperature from 3000k all the way up to 6000k the Dual Colour LED strips will fit in any room like the living room, garden, kitchen and even the bathroom.

These strips can also outlast the majority of lighting solutions thanks to the lifespan LEDs are renowned for, 50,000 hours! This means that for up to 15 years, you won't ever need to consider replacing them.

Alongside this massive lifespan, you are also covered for 2 years after your purchase. Not only this, but you can extend this warranty out a further 3 years. This means that in total you can get 5 years warranty, free of charge!

LED Strip Light Considerations

Thanks to the ability to be cut at set intervals you can have strip lights at custom lengths for wherever you need. This freedom to cut at these intervals means that the components needed to make it all work can change from installation to installation.

The length you are looking at running can be up to 7.5m in one length without you getting any loss of light.

So whether you need a power supply to get 12V to the strip or a controller to change the colours there are necessary options available for you.

With varying technical specifications, any external devices needed all stand out from one another. Alongside this, there is a whole host of LED Tapes available for purchase meaning that deciding what is best for you may be a bit of a struggle. That is why we have prepared a guide for buying LEDs!

Intangible Benefits You Receive No Matter What

Wholesale LED Lights prides itself on providing you the best service possible. By striving to do this, we offer you the chance to get any LED strips that you have ordered to be cut down to the length you require.

If you do get your LED strips cut down then this does however compromise your 14-day cancellation period as they are bespoke for your requirements.

Despite making the lengths up for you, orders are sent to you within 24 hours of placing your order with the exclusion of weekends.

If there is any information you require about the dual colour LED tapes, other strip lights that we sell or even if you need a hand with deciding how you'd like setting your installation up then feel free to give us a call on 0116 321 4120.

Any price you find on our site will be at a special wholesale rate whilst being available to any member of the public. Not only are there exceptional prices available, but we also have a range of promotional codes available to help you get even more money off!

Also, if you're in the trade you can open an account and become a trade customer benefitting from even better prices!