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How to choose the right LED Bulb

1. Base

Also known as the 'cap', the base is the part of the bulb that connects to the light fitting. Light bulb bases are designated codes, such as GU10, which can be used to quickly identify the type of bulb needed. Alternatively, you can make a visual comparison using our handy chart below.

2. Brightness

The brightness of a bulb is measured in Lumens (lm), not watts. To make things easy we also provide an equivalent wattage which tells customers the equivalent incandescent wattage of each LED we sell.

3. Beam Angle

Beam angles, measured in degrees, describe the angle at which the lights is emitted from a bulb. Bulbs with a narrow angle are very directional and product a 'spot' of light. Bulbs with a wide angle are better for general illumination.

4. Colour Temperature

Colour temperature refers to the perceived warmth or coldness of the light. Bulbs with a high colour temperature emit a bright, white light, while bulbs with a low colour temperature have a much softer, yellow light.

Start with a base...

Remove your existing bulb, check the fitting and compare it with the fittings below. Click on the image that matches your fitting. Simple!

You can also shop by room...

Some customers prefer to shop by room. Choose a room and you will be given a list of products suitable for that particular room

Or order by phone...

The easiest way to order LED Lights is to pick up the phone and call our friendly customer service team. They have loads of knowledge about our products and will be able to help you find the perfect LED Lighting quickly and easily. You can even make the order over the phone and, with our next day delivery, you could have your bulbs the very next day.

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