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12V LED Pixel Tape

12V LED Pixel Tape

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The perfect strip for any occasion, be it for normal home use, feature for a part or even commercially the 12V RGB LED Pixel Tape developed by Mirrorstone. You can get this extremely versatile and funky strip light exclusively at Wholesale LED Lights.

Wondering what is LED pixel tape? We have prepared a short but explanatory video presentation:

With a standard 510 Lumen output, brightness isn't the main feature with a nearly infinite amount of modes you can set on the strip you can have a whole plethora of colours and modes. Not only this, but with multiple IP ratings available, the RGB LED Pixel Tape is usable around the entire home and garden.

The LED Pixel Tape is also highly durable with a 70,000 lifespan, it surpasses most general use LED light bulbs and LED spotlights. This durability is also guaranteed, with any LED Pixel Tape ordered from Wholesale LED Lights features a 2 year warranty. More impressively as well, this warranty can be extrapolated out to 5 years, free of charge!

More Than Just Your Standard RGB LED Strip Light

12V LED Pixel Tape is a cut above standard 12V RGB LED Strip Lights thanks to its ability to have LEDs directly controllable as oppose to the whole strip following the same pattern. This means that rather than just static colours and fading effects you can have a massive amount of effects.

RGB Pixel Tape can be cut at set points meaning you can custom cut your lengths to suit you exactly.

It is still remote controllable as well. This means that it's all down to the controller you pick to see how many different effects you get. We have a controller with 133 pre-loaded functions!

Being low voltage, there is also the need for a power supply to power the RGB Pixel Tape. There is a selection available depending on the style you wish to power the strip.

With options like the ones mentioned in the above, it makes a hard choice easier. If you are still quite unsure on the lighting solution you'd like then refer to our buying guide for help.

Intangible And Unbeatable Benefits

Despite just one product available in the range, obviously the versatility available is still massive. With the capacity to run one strip up to 12m, getting the length you want isn't difficult especially thanks to our bespoke cutting and soldering service. With this cutting and soldering service, we aim to dispatch orders within 24 hours, with the exclusion of weekends.

Be aware that any RGB LED Pixel Tape that is requested to be cut down does suffer from the fact that the 14-day cancellation period is then compromised.

All of our LED tape products are priced at wholesale rates for any retail customers, as well as the chance to apply one of our many spellbinding discounts. What's more, if you're in the trade you can benefit from better prices still! Just apply for an account on the trade site we have and you'll be able to become a trade customer.

If you like a hand setting up your new LED strip lights then don't be afraid to get in touch with us by calling 0116 321 4120 or send your requests by e-mailing