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A part of our variety of LED Tape, our RGBW LED strip lights provide a unique style of coloured light, this means that they are suitable for any room type irrespective of how you intend to use them. Being produced by Mirrorstone they possess a high level of quality.

Featuring a bright light output and dedicated white LEDs, there is a selection of standard solid and pastel colours available in each strip. Alongside the range of colours available, there is also multiple IP Ratings for you to choose from, meaning you can install it in locations where there may be the chance of splashing water coming into contact such as the garden.

The durability of the strips is also something that takes your breath away with a 50,000 hour lifespan. This means that it will last as long as your LED light bulbs and LED spotlights, if not longer! Something that is a staple with products throughout the site, and including the RGBW LED strips, is the 2 year warranty. This can also be extended on these strips with the option of an upgrade to 5 years, free of charge!

What's Needed To Get Your RGBW LED Tape Up And Running?

With limited variation of the RGBW LED strip lights your hands are tied by which strip you'll need to get. This doesn't stop you from getting a huge range of options.

Have a look at the technical specification on the products to see what'll suit you the best. So whether it's the brightness (not actually measured in watts!) or the colour temperature we have the information available.

Being a low voltage light, there is a requirement for a transformer or power supply. The output has to be 12V, it also cannot be dimmable as the dimming is done directly from the controller.

Like every LED strip light, RGBW LED tapes can be cut at set intervals, in this case, every 6 LEDs or 100mm.

If you'd like a hand on buying LED strips or just LEDs in general, then have a look through our guide on buying LEDs for a hand.

Benefits You Will Not Want To Miss Out On

Even though there is only one strip available, you have a massive versatility available still with the chance to choose between your White LED being Cool White or Warm White, both massively impact the effect you achieve.

As the LED strips can be cut down to size, we can help save you the hassle of getting the strips cuts down and the tails soldered onto the end with our bespoke cutting service. It's not like you'll have to wait a while for them either, with most orders leaving within 24 hours of placing your order.

If you do wish to have your RGBW LED Tape cut to sizes specific to you then please be aware that you are voiding your 14-day cancellation period as the items are bespoke to your requirements.

Any and all of the LED products you find throughout Wholesale LED Lights come to you at wholesale rates but with all the benefits of you buying from a retailer meaning you can use one of the stunning discount codes we have available alongside these brilliant prices.

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