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Single Colour 12V LED Tape

Single Colour 12V LED Tape

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Ideal for long term domestic and commercial usage, the range of 12V Single Colour LED Strip Lights from Mirrorstone feature the highest quality production and output and are exclusively available at Wholesale LED Lights.

All with different brightness options available and with each strip coming in a multitude of colour options as well as 2 different colour temperatures you can have the strip that's perfect for you. Whether you want some effect lighting in blue, bright under cabinet lighting in Cool White or even some relaxing effect lighting with a Warm White.

The strips are available in a range of different IP ratings as well, meaning that the LED tape produced by Mirrorstone is usable in a wide range of areas.

No matter the colour or IP rating, each strip is manufactured to be as durable as possible withstanding all general knocks and wear and tear. It also has a lifespan that is synonymous with all forms of LEDs, 50,000 hours.

Every product found in this category also comes with an extendable 2 year warranty. This means that at no extra cost, you can get 3 years more warranty, totalling 5 years!

Finding The Right Equipment For Your Strip Light Installation

Something highly useful in all low voltage LED tape is their ability to be cut at regular and small intervals. This means that you can get them cut to nearly any length you require easily. Alongside the strip, there are also plenty of other components that are just as integral in getting the LED strips to function.

Whether you need to find a power supply capable of the total wattage of LED tape to get the power to the strip. Even if you would like a controller to add the ability to dim the strip, you can find something readily available for you.

All of these are dimmable and low voltage, with the inclusion of a dimmable driver and trailing edge dimmer switch into the circuit you can also manually control the brightness setting.

If you aren't sure on the brightness of LED strip that you would like, then have a look at the table of technical specifications visible on each product to help you make this decision. With some of these products available in 24V, you can install longer lengths for use in commercial environments.

With 4 different brightness' available, all featuring very similar colour options, it can be difficult to find the exact one for the job. Refer to the guide we prepared to help with buying LEDs.

Additional Benefits From More Than Just Light

With 4 different products available in the range, each featuring at least 4 different colour options, the versatility and levels of brightness is huge. With some strips available to be ran for up to 12m in one continuous length, there will be something to suit you exactly.

With these strips being able to be cut at set intervals (2.5cm, 5cm and 10mm), we offer a bespoke cutting service helping you get the lengths you need already made up for you. Even with the LED tape being cut down, excluding weekends, orders for them are sent out ASAP and usually within 24 hours.

If you aren't sure on all the components you'll need or would just generally like a hand with your project, give us a call on 0116 321 4120 and we'd be more than happy to help you out! Send your plans in to as well and we'll get a free, no obligation quote sent across within one working day.

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