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Cnect 1m 4 Core Cable


Cnect 1m 4 Core Cable

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Key Features:
  • 1m
  • Mirrorstone
  • Red, Green, Blue and Black
  • 5v DC - 12v DC
  • CE, RoHS
  • 0.75mm per Core (3mm Total)
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1m 4 Core Cable
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This 1m of 12v 4-core cable from Mirrorstone™ is the stuff you’ll need to modify and customise your RGB colour changing LED strip light installation, whether it’s brightening up your home, or as part of a unique display in your showroom.

Wherever it’s located, this clever 4 core cable turns a formerly arduous, frustrating and time-consuming task into a snappy, rewarding and even fun activity, as it requires no soldering and involves just a few minutes of concentration to accomplish.

Indeed, the results will be so impressive that people will marvel at your ability to achieve such incredible results in such a short space of time!

Please be aware that this product is charged per metre, and that the reel sizes are dependent on the total quantity ordered.

LED Tape & Strip Lights Custom Lengths

Introducing Cnect

Our new CNECT range of accessories makes it even easier to join your LED strip lights in different ways. Featuring an upgrade on materials, to ensure they’re more premium, these accessories are more resilient than ever before. This also makes them much easier to use, as they are now much less fiddly to manipulate.

Get Yourself Connected!

With this 1m 4-core cable, you can connect together strips of RGB LED tape, but you’ll also be able to use it to easily and safely connect your strip to your power supply, with its simply colour-coded red, blue, green and black wires.

As it involves no soldering, you’ll require certain RGB LED strip light connectors. Thus, your intended use for your strip lights will dictate which connector you’ll require.

We have a selection, including the standard solderless connector, the corner connector and the ‘Corner Cross’ or ‘T’ connector, so there’ll be no installation you can’t tackle!

Also, apart from this 1m 4 core cable, to ensure a neat, tidy and discreet installation, we stock compatible silicone brackets in packs of 10.

Have You Switched Yet?

Obviously, if you’re reading this piece about our 1m 4 core cable, you’re already considering buying RGB strip lights to illuminate your home or business premises, but there’s a whole world of other LED lighting products out there, and an enormous number of great reasons to choose them over your existing fluorescent and incandescent light sources.

Not least of these is their life span. In comparison with their old-school contemporaries, LED lights last considerably longer, with 20 times the longevity of incandescent bulbs!

One of the reasons for their endurance is that they don’t produce the wasteful and pointless heat that reduces the lives of incandescent bulbs, and transforms them into hazards for adults and children alike.

Instead, LEDs stay cool and cost less to power as a result. Indeed, they produce the equivalent Lumens of brilliance, for just a fraction of the electrical input.

Due to this, they’re so much cheaper to run for you, your household and your business. As a matter of fact, you should begin to see a reduction in your energy bills within the first 12 months of switching completely to LED lighting!

Unlike incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LEDs are completely recyclable, and they don’t contain poisonous Mercury, as fluorescent bulbs do. This means they’re a great deal greener and much better for the environment.

LEDs are infinitely more versatile and flexible than their more traditional counterparts as well. They’re available in three super colour temperatures that’ll allow you to illuminate your room or space, exactly as you see fit.

Cool white light (6000K) is many people’s choice for kitchens and bathrooms at home, and offices and showrooms in the work place. Daylight white (4000K), however, is now also increasingly being utilised for the latter, as it cleverly combines the mellowness of warm white light (3000K) with the crisp brightness of the cool.

Energy Savings Not Enough?

If the amount of money you’ll save due to energy-efficiency hasn’t yet convinced you about the wisdom of switching to LED, then our other £££-saving ideas might just sway you.

We offer discount and promotional codes, which you’ll be able to apply at the checkout to gain up to 20% off selected items.

If you’d like to take advantage of our drastically reduced wholesale prices, you might like to think about becoming a trade customer. It makes great sense!

14-Day Home Trial Guaranteed!

We love to offer our customers quality products at the lowest possible prices, and from the responses we’ve received in your reviews, it seems that we’re doing pretty well!

We also realise that it’s impossible to please everybody 100% of the time, so we give you a full 14 days from the date of your purchase to decide whether you’d like to keep a product. If not, just get in touch for a refund or a replacement. This applies to all our LED lighting products across the board!

This 1-meter 4-Core Cable is protected for 12 months, by the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Give Us A Shout!

If you’d like to buy this 1m 4 core cable, other strip light accessories that we stock, or you’d just like a chat about anything LED-related, then why not call our friendly Customer Service Team? They’re available on 0116 321 4120 or you can send an e-mail to

You’ll be glad you did!

More Information
Length(mm) 1m
Brand Mirrorstone
Colour Red, Green, Blue and Black
Input Voltage 5v DC - 12v DC
Certification CE, RoHS
Diameter 0.75mm per Core (3mm Total)
Warranty 5

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