Now, I’m not saying that your home needs a makeover. However, very subtly, you can use LED strip lights to brighten up your room and create some simply amazing effects that truly shine!

Mood Lighting

Firstly, LED lighting has some fantastic customisability. We offer some amazing RGBW strip lights that you can use for different moods. It’s clear that differently coloured lights can be used to manufacture different emotions, so it’s just the deployment of them that’s vital for boosting your lifestyle.

Check out the look you can create with strip lights mounted on your TV. Not only does it look incredible, with some amazingly modern effects, it can really upgrade your viewing experience, too.

When you watch TV at night, your eyes can struggle to perceive brightness correctly, compromising between the TV’s bright lights, and the room’s darkness. This forces your eyes to work harder, as they struggle against the floating window of bright light. This leads to dry eyes, dizziness, and headaches.

If you get some mood lighting around your TV you can reduce this eye strain massively, meaning your TV viewing will be much more comfortable. Plus, your contrast perception is improved, so the picture clarity will be much improved.

It’s simple to do, too – just install some LED strip lights around the TV, and choose which colour you wish them to be!

In The Bathroom

Do you really need ambient lighting in your bathroom, I hear you ask? It depends on your definition of need, I guess! Bathrooms are notoriously difficult to light up properly, as many don’t have windows, and many lighting solutions are disqualified due to waterproofing issues. That’s why specifically targeted strip lights can massively improve the lighting.

Try LED strip lighting below the cabinets in the bathroom. Whether that’s around wall cabinets, or on the plinth of cabinets situated on the floor, they can generate some great looks. Safety-wise, if you illuminate the underneath of cabinets, you can help prevent any toe-stubbings when you’re blurry-eyed in the morning!

When you install them above counters, you can add some bright light to help you focus when shaving, or applying makeup. Why not surround your mirror with them for some Hollywood-style pizzazz at a fraction of the cost!

Add some mood lighting around your bathtub with some IP68 rated LED pixel tape. Increase your ability to relax, for example, with some peaceful blue lighting around the bath, or if you’ve had a difficult day and need cheering up, yellow’s your colour.


Lighting is vital in the kitchen, where you need to be able to see exactly what your cooking looks like. Try under cabinet lighting with a nice bright white to fully illuminate what you’re doing and make sure your cooking is perfect.

Again, under cabinet lighting can help stop you from stubbing your toe and make your kitchen look great. But, if you combine it with under cabinet lighting on the walls, you can create an incredible ‘halo effect’ with warm white and cool white combinations. These give both brilliant ambient lighting for a relaxing, warming atmosphere, and the cool clinical lighting necessary for illuminating your cooking.

Continuing Into The Rest of The House

Why not illuminate any pictures or canvases you have hanging on your wall with some simple LED lighting? You can really make a feature out of little things with the right mood lighting, and create different moods with different colours. For example, a little red lighting in the dining room can boost your appetite and encourage conversation – perfect for those family dinners. For the office, use blue – it relaxes you, and boosts your concentration.

You could also use strip lights to illuminate different features of your home, such as under stairs, the stair rail, or various shelves and tables. Play around with them – they’re super flexible in their usages, and only your imagination can limit what is a genuine interior design revolution.

It’s Not Just Interior Lighting…

With our water-resistant strip lighting, the garden can really shine. Try out different ideas, such as running strip lights along the edge of a garden wall, for some real glamour. You could use them for general illumination purposes, such as washing a wall in light, or lighting up your pathways. There really are a huge number of ways to use them.

With the IP68 rated tape, you could surround your pond with a gorgeous glow to make it a real standout feature in your garden.

Any Extra Help

Here’s just a few different ways on how to use your LED strip lights for some fantastic effects. If you need any extra help, whether that’s with a specific strip order, or some advice for how to use them in your home - our customer services team is here to help. Give us a call on 0116 321 4120, email us at, or check out our Facebook and Twitter.