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2 Pack 3528 T Connector Description

If you’ve purchased some of our LED strip lights and you need to connect up three different lengths, then this pack of 2 x 3528 T Connectors will suit you down to the ground.

Manufactured by Mirrorstone, these T connectors are super convenient, enabling you to place the cut end of your LED strip light into the connector and simply close the protective plastic casing.

This means there’s absolutely no fiddly, time-consuming soldering to be done. Plus, they’re really small and discreet, so they’ll blend right into the background.

Something to bear in mind is that our LED light strips come in two chip sizes, so you may have the 5050 variety. If this is the case, you’ll require our 2 Pack of 5050 T Connectors rather than these.

Whilst our LED strips are incredibly simple to use, there are a massive number of accessories with which you can enhance their functionality and appeal.

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Please be informed that our 3528 connectors are not compatible with 120 LED Tape. 

Choosing The Right LED Light Strip

As you’re already reading this particular description, it’s highly likely that you already have your strips.

However, you may not be aware of the sheer number of different LED strip lights we have on offer.

For example, we have the relatively simple yet effective 4.8W Single Colour 60 x 3528 Strips that’s available in red, green and blue, as well as warm (3000K) and cool white (6000K) colour temperatures. It will produce 400 Lumens of brightness for a tiny amount of power, and its 120° beam angle will ensure an even light diffusion, so it’s great for general illumination.

There’s also the 120 x 3528 LED Strip which emits 800 Lumens for just 9.6W of electricity, so both these options will prove hugely energy-efficient and economical to use.

It’s well worth mentioning that the 3528 chip size is by far the less prevalent of the two and, as such, it’s wise to ensure you’re purchasing the correct connector for your strip light.

14 Day Home Trial And Warranty Details

If you receive this item and it’s not right for you, you’ll be more than welcome to return it and receive either a replacement or a full refund, as long as you contact us within 14 days of your purchase.

Going forward, you’ll be fully protected for a full 12 months by the manufacturer’s guarantee.

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