Understanding Beam Angles

What is a beam angle?

The term beam angle refers to the angle at which light is emitted from a source.

Beam angles are typically measured in degrees, but you will also find that some retailers give their bulbs specific designations, such as "narrow spot" or "wide flood".

Spotlights versus Floodlights

When shopping for LED bulbs you will come across two key terms; "spotlights" and "floodlights".

Spotlights cast a very narrow beam of light, usually no more than 45 degrees. The beam is very focused, making it easier to point and control.

Floodlights cast a much wider beam of light, up to 120 degrees. The intensity of the light is lower, but the coverage is larger and more even.

Using Spotlights and Floodlights

Spotlights should be used to highlight specific points within a room, such as artwork, work areas and architecture.

Generally speaking, floodlights are better for creating more general illumination, as the light is spread evenly over a large area.

Things to consider

Things to consider when choosing a beam angle would include the height of your ceiling, the layout of your furniture and the purpose of the room.

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