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3528 Corner Connectors (2 pack) Description

These L-shaped corner connectors from Mirrorstone are designed to connect two lengths of 3528-sized LED strip lights as discreetly and unobtrusively as is possible.

They come in a pack of two for your convenience, their understated white plastic finish not distracting the eye or detracting from the appeal of the LED strip lights themselves, in any way.

They’re also incredibly easy to use, wherever in your home or business premises you choose to apply them!

Please be informed that our 3528 connectors are not compatible with 120 LED Tape. 

Do You Have The Right Stuff?

These corner connectors can only be used with LED light strips that have a 3528 chip size, so be careful when you’re buying them that you’re buying the right ones!

Within the LED tape range, the two varieties of LED strip lights we stock, with which these connectors are compatible are the 60 x 3528 SMD, 4.8W, 400 Lumens and the 120 x 3528 SMD, 9.6W, 800 Lumens, both of which provide single colour illumination.

Should you wish to jazz up your lighting with more colours and specification choices, you’ll need to switch to the larger-chipped 5050 variety.

From the Single Colour 30 x 5050 SMD, 7.2W, 510 Lumens via the Colour Changing and Dual Colour 60 x 5050 SMD, 14.4W, 1020 Lumens, to the dizzying heights of the RGB LED Pixel Tape (30 x 5050 SMD, 7.2W, 165-510 Lumens, you’ll discover you’ve got a whole world of incredible lighting options at your fingertips!

What’s So Good About LED?

There are so many great reasons for you to switch your lighting to LED, but the main one people usually cite is its relative cheapness in comparison with conventional light sources.

It costs literally a fraction to power LED lights. This is because they utilise their energy-consumption so much more effectively, losing only about 10% of it to heat, as opposed to the massive 80% wastage incurred by incandescent bulbs.

Lighting constitutes approximately 20% of your household fuel consumption, and this improved efficiency translates directly to money in your pocket. You should see this reduction reflected in your electricity bill within 12 months!

When you switch to LED, you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment because, along with reduced energy consumption, they also leave a miniscule carbon footprint in comparison to conventional light sources such as halogen.

Everybody’s Happy Nowadays!

We’re proud of our reputation for giving you, our customers, great value for money and customer service. We try to deliver this first time, every time, and usually we succeed.

Our 1000s of 5 Star-rated customer reviews seem to suggest we’re achieving this objective, however, if you’re ever less than 100% happy with one of our products, just let us know, as we offer comprehensive, no-questions-asked 28-day returns on all our products.

Another way we’re making people happy is by providing even more savings than ever before.

We also frequently offer substantial discounts through our promotional codes. Simply key in the appropriate code at the checkout and you’ll get up to 20% extra off that purchase.

If you fancy making even more savings, you can always become a trade customer. You’ll then be able to take full advantage of our incredible wholesale prices. You won’t believe the saving you can make in this way!.

For your added peace of mind, there’s a 1 year warranty period attached to this 2 Pack of 3528 Corner Connectors.

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If you’d like to talk with one of our friendly Customer Service Advisors about this, other strip lights accesories or any of our LED lighting solutions, please don’t hesitate to call on 0116 321 4120 or e-mail us at

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