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RGB Colour 12V LED Tape

RGB Colour 12V LED Tape

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Long life and highly customisable effects are available from the commercial quality LED tapes developed by Mirrorstone Lighting Ltd, only available from Wholesale LED Lights.

With the varying brightness' and versatility, whether you are looking for a new display stand for a business, remodelling your living room, or having a display in your garden these 12V RGB LED strip lights will be great anywhere thanks to their multiple available IP Ratings.

Their durability is also very underrated, being able to sufficiently withstand bumps and knocks. They also feature a lifespan synonymous with LEDs of up to 50,000 hours, meaning you won't need to think about them for over 15 years after installation.

The RGB LED tape that you find within this category are guaranteed for 2 years after purchase. You can also extend this warranty further to 5 years, with no extra cost to yourself.

Considerations You'll Need To Make For An LED Strip Light Installation

With such products having the chance to be cut at specific points, you can have a wide range of lengths for different effects and displays. It's important to know what other components you need for a working RGB LED strip light system, so finding a suitable power supply and controller is necessary.

Finding what you are looking for can be a difficult task, but with the technical specifications found on all products this task is made a lot easier. With LED tapes varying in their lumen level as well as some of these strips also available in 24V, the other components needed are affected by the type you choose.

Making the decision on what you actually need can be difficult, so you can always refer to our buying guide for LEDs to help you make the choice.

The Products Available To You

Whilst not a vast range, the LED tape that is available offers such a versatility that you can get great usage from which you pick. With the opportunity to run up to 12m in one length, you can get the length and brightness you want easily.

We offer a bespoke cutting service, meaning you can have the lengths you want pre-made for you. This does however, compromise the 14 day cancellation period, meaning unless bought in long reels they cannot be returned for a refund. Even when cut down, with the exclusion of weekends, your order is dispatched within 24 hours.

If you'd like help with your LED strip light installation then we can give you a hand. Just call us on 0116 321 4120 or send an e-mail to

All prices are at our special wholesale rates and available to any retail customers within the public. There are also reduced rates available for the tradesperson, just apply for an account. Alongside these great prices, this selection of 12V RGB LED strip lights are one of the ranges consistently found to be included in our promotional discounts.