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Stainless Steel

SlimPro 1m Classic Aluminium Profile/Extrusion Description

Made for use with the full range of RGB Colour and Single Colour LED Tape, the Classic aluminium profile can give you the complete finish for your LED strip light installation. As it has an internal width of 11.2mm so it can take most of the strip lights we sell, with the exception of the RGB Pixel Tape and RGBW LED strip lights.

Like the full range of Aluminium profiles, they come with all necessary mounting brackets and end caps for to surface mount them on to most surfaces. As they can go onto any surface, they can be used in almost any situation in which the LED strips can be such as lighting for under cabinet and under plinth, commercial use and external decorative features.

Introducing SlimPro

With a greatly improved design, the new SlimPro line of aluminium profiles will be able to dissipate heat at a rate not seen before. This can double your LED strip’s life expectancy by massively decreasing the heat pressures on it. This new SlimPro design also looks much more professional, with a stylish stainless steel look, and the choice between two different diffuser colours.

Suiting The Eye

The range of Aluminium profiles come with the option of either having a diffuser or not. These diffusers are available in  either a frosted or clear cover to give you the finish you desire for an extra £1.67 per metre.

With both diffusers and the aluminium profile offering a more robust installation for the strip lights, the diffusers give very different finishes. If you were to chose the frosted variation, which diffuses the light better, then it is better installed in areas where the lights are visible, such as decking lighting.

Alternatively, the clear diffuser is used when the installed LED strips are out of sight. The clear diffusers are mainly used in under cabinet and under plinth lighting although the frosted diffuser can also be used in the same situations.

Adding Life To The Already Vibrant LED Strip Lights

Aluminium profiles are used for their aesthetic qualities most of the time, they do however, posses a second useful quality in aiding the life of LED strip light.

Whilst strips already come with a huge estimated lifespan of around 50,000 hours, this can be extended by up to 50% with proper use of the Aluminium profiles due to their great heat dissipation abilities. This heat dissipation allows the strip lights to run at the lowest possible temperature. 

Complete The Look With Heavy Discounts

Our Aluminium profiles apply to all of our consistent promotional offers, meaning that you can get up to 20% discount on the Aluminium profiles. These savings can even be furthered by 10% when buying 5 or more lengths of profile due to the bulk buy discount offer.

If you have any questions about this product, any of LED tapes we stock or simply have any trade enquiries about our wholesale rates don't hesitate to contact us by telephone on 0116 321 4120 or by e-mail at