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Gaia Indoor Light Fittings

Gaia Indoor Light Fittings

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  1. Jasper LED Floor Lamp, 3000K
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The Gaia Range represents some of the most premium lighting solutions available on the market today.

This stunning range from Mirrorstone Lighting is made almost entirely of stainless steel, helping give all the fittings a highly contemporary feel.

This then matches the technology inside the fittings too – a large proportion of the fittings employ integrated LEDs. Otherwise, they make use of either GU10 LEDs or G9 LEDs.

Best of all though is that within the Gaia range there are LED ceiling fittings, LED pendant lights, LED floor lights and LED table lamps – so you can spread this styling across your whole home!

It goes without saying that the Gaia series goes beyond any conventional aesthetics – designs range from revolutionary to the truly abstract. Let’s explore these in a little more detail.

A Closer Look

One of the great things about this range of the scope available to you in terms of style and use. Our Brookite Triple Bar LED Ceiling Light for example is a 21st century abstract light fitting, using integrated LED bars in a cross over pattern.

Don’t be under the impression that performance suffers though – it’ll beam out 1065 lumens using just 17W in the process, making it suitable for medium sized areas.

On the other side, our Ferberite Height Adjustable LED Ceiling Pendant Light 3000K is very understated – consisting of just a single LED light bar suspended 1200mm below your ceiling.

It provides 750 lumens from an extremely frugal 8W of power.

If you’re looking for something a little more flexible – then our Anglesite RGBW LED Floor Lamp 3000K might be for you. It sits on a rectangular base, and features a set of two parallel beams 1410mm high.

Between the two beams are a set of three LED light panels that swivel on the axis on which they’re mounted. This lets you point the light anywhere you need, giving you incredible freedom. It uses 14.4W and gives you 1350 lumens in return.

Sometimes, you want a light fitting to just look good whilst providing some additional mood lighting – that’s where our Vivianite LED Table Lamp 3000K comes in.

There’s no other way of describing it other than stunning – the circular base houses two swirling steel beams that both emit light from the sides – 372 lumens to be precise. This comes from 7.2W of power.

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Our Customer Guarantees

All items in this range are covered by our 28 day home trial period – this lets you return any purchases back to us for a full refund or exchange if you’ve changed your mind about anything.

Please note however that all lights in the Gaia range are special order items, and therefore have a lead time of up to 7 days.

It also means that any returns will have a 15% restocking fee applied to them.

They do all come with a 5 year replacement warranty courtesy of Mirrorstone Lighting, so you have added cover in the longer term.

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