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2 Years
Mean Well™

NeoPower 100W Waterproof LED Driver Description

They don’t come much more versatile than the Mean Well 100W Waterproof LED Driver.

It transforms mains 240V AC to low voltage 12V or 24V DC, and maintains a constant voltage for your LED lights. You can pick which output voltage you require when purchasing your driver. With a 100W maximum load, it’s perfect for powering your LED strip lights.

Where this driver really comes into its own is with its IP67 rating. IP ratings are a measure of how well any given product protects against foreign bodies and moisture, with each of the digits corresponding to each threat.

The first digit – 6 – refers to the foreign bodies; in this case it is completely dust proof. The second digit – 7 – tells you how well it guards against water. So here, this means it is submergible in depths of up to 1m for up to 30 minutes.

This allows you to use it outside comfortably, as it will still be able to operate even if it finds itself in a puddle! Wherever you decide to use it, it won’t take up too much room either – as it has dimensions of just 190 x 52 x 37mm.

As if there weren’t enough incentives for you to buy this waterproof driver, it also ships for free too – giving you instant savings.

If 100W is perhaps too excessive for what you need, maybe you should consider our 60W Waterproof LED Driver. It’s near identical to our featured driver but comes with a lower capacity of just 60W.

Be sure to check out our whole range of power supplies to make sure you’re getting the right product. Over there you can find a huge selection of power adapters, standard, dimmable, waterproof, 1-10V and Dali drivers.

Introducing NeoPower

Our innovative NeoPower range of LED drivers has been completely retooled to maximise the efficiency of the transformer. These are highly toughened devices, featuring upgraded waterproofness and excellent ingress protection. Thanks to a finely tuned, the heat sink is capable of dissipating more heat than ever, extending the life of the device.

What Can I Use With This Driver?

Pretty much all our strip lights. Have a look at all our LED tape that we sell to see what tickles your fancy. If you’re a little stuck for choices, then we have a couple of recommendations to make.

The first would be our 7.2W Single Colour LED Strip Light. It’s available in a variety of colours, ranging from warm white (3000K), cool white (6000K), red, green and blue amongst others.

You can also pick from loads of different IP ratings depending on where you want to use them, with the revolutionary IP68 nano protection also available.

This is before we look at the basic performance too. It’s really easy on energy at just 7.2W/m yet shines with a maximum brightness of 510 lumens – providing great end product for relatively little power.

If you want more variety, you may want to look at our 7.2W RGB Colour LED Strips. It offers similar performance to our single colour we recommended, but can change colours using a separately sold controller.

Both of these tapes can be cut every 10cm, but you should also know that we do not accept returns on strip lights under any circumstances unless it is in one complete 5m roll.

Save Money With Us!

On top of free shipping, you could also get up to 20% off selected products by visiting our discount codes page. We run various offers through the year with different deals, so there’s always money to be saved!

How Much Protection Do I Have On My Purchase?

Quite a lot. You have 28 days to get a full refund or exchange if you no longer want your 100W Waterproof Driver.

Then, you have a 2 year warranty with Mean Well who supply this as standard.

You can get in touch with us through email on or by phoning us on 0116 321 4120 if you have any questions about this LED driver, how to set it all up, wholesale orders or anything else.