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Spectric Side Emitting LED Strip Lights (60 x 335 SMD, 5W, 480 Lumens)


Spectric Side Emitting LED Strip Lights (60 x 335 SMD, 5W, 480 Lumens)

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Key Features:
  • IP20
  • Mirrorstone
  • 335
  • 60
  • 480LM
  • 5W
Spectric Side Emitting LED Strip Lights (60 x 335 SMD, 5W, 480 Lumens) is available to buy in increments of 1
Please allow an extra 1-2 days for custom cut lengths of tape.
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LED Tape & Strip Lights Custom Lengths

Please note that the Warm White (3000K) and Cool White (6000K) options will be backordered until 30th November 2021. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Download the spec sheet for the Spectric Side Emitting LED Strip Lights (60 x 335 SMD, 5W, 480 Lumens) here.

When the order of the day is to have something different, you should take a look at our 5W Side Emitting LED Strip Lights.

Most normal strip lights emit their light upwards, but as the name suggests, our side emitting LED tape shines sideways. This allows you to add subtle of hidden lighting around the house or for commercial applications too.

Even though this Mirrorstone tape has 60, 335 sized LEDs per metre, it still only uses just 5W of power. You then get a maximum brightness of 480 lumens which is great value for money – an equivalent halogen would use 60W to produce the same light.

Did you know that all of our LED Tape is dimmable? Simply use alongside a dimmable driver to alter the brightness!

Please note that all IP67 and IP68 tape comes in lengths of up to 5m max, and will not fit in any of our aluminium profiles.

IP65 tape comes in maximum lengths of up to 25m, and will be soldered tape to tape every 5m for any lengths over 5m. Although 25m lengths are available in this way, there is no guarantee that it can be ran continuously due to power drop. Please get in touch with us if you require further information about this.

IP20 tape may or may not come soldered tape to tape, as this depends on how it arrives to us from our suppliers.

Find further information on Strip Lights on our FAQs page.

The only thing you’ll need to bring is a 12V power supply which is sold separately.

Once it is all hooked up though, you’ll get up to 50,000 hours of life out of it – that’s nearly 20 years!

Introducing Spectric

The brand new Spectric line of LED strip lights will massively improve your lighting experience. These strip lights bring more vivid lighting, with a greater lumens to energy expenditure ratio than ever before. The life expectancy has been increased, with a whopping 50,000 hours of usage delivering a versatile light every single time.

The Finer Details

There are a few features about this strip light that gives you a lot of freedom when you use it.

Firstly, those 480 lumens are dimmable, allowing you to lower the brightness. This lets you change between mood lighting and general illumination.

A beam angle of 40o provides quite a narrow angle, allowing you to concentrate the light in certain areas.

There’s an option open to you when you do buy this strip light too, with a choice of warm white (3000K), cool white (6000K), blue and red colours.

Whilst blue and red are self explanatory, warm white and cool white are from the colour temperature spectrum.

They’re easy to understand – it’s just the perceived warmth of the light given off. Warm white is good for the living room or bedroom because of its cosy feeling, whereas cool white is better for the kitchen or office due to its brighter light.

You can also cut down your strip light at 5cm intervals once you have it too, letting you pick the perfect size. Unless otherwise stated, strip light will be supplied in one continuous roll. So if you’ve ordered 4m, it will be delivered in one 4m roll as opposed to four 1m rolls. All LED Tape is priced per metre.

For orders over 5m, we will supply your tape in 5m rolls and parts thereof. So an order of 17m will be supplied in three 5m rolls and one 2m roll.

All our individual strip lights are supplied with a 10cm tail as standard. Longer tails can be added at a cost of £1 per metre.

Apart from this item we stock a huge selection of high quality LED tape such as single colour, dual colour, RGB, RGBW and LED pixel tape. For a quick installation you may also consider our strip light kits.

Finishing Off Your Strip Lights

As mentioned above, you’ll need to purchase a 12V power supply from our range.

They’re all easy to use because of their plug and play mains format, with a single supply capable of running multiple strips.

The power supply you choose will depend on how many metres of LED strip light you’re running.

We wouldn’t recommend powering more than 5m in a single series from one driver. For longer lengths, LED strips will need to be connected in parallel from the same driver.

Returns And Warranty Info

Please note that only lengths of 5m of any of our LED tape can be returned during our 14 day refunds period. Any custom lengths less than 5m cannot be returned under any circumstances, so please ensure your measurements are correct before confirming your order.

You are covered by Mirrorstone’s 2 year manufacturer replacement warranty. This is also optionally upgradeable to 5 years at no extra cost to you.

All you need to do is fill out our extended warranty form within 90 days of purchase and send it back to us. Once it’s been processed, we’ll send you an email confirmation to tell you that it’s now active.

Please get in touch if you have any other questions about this item, strip light information, wholesale purchases or anything else. Send us an email at, or give us a call on 0116 321 4120.

More Information
IP Rating IP20
Brand Mirrorstone
Chip 335
LEDs per Metre 60
Lumens 480LM
Power 5W
Equivalent Wattage 60W
Input Voltage 12v DC
Width (mm) 8
Length(mm) 1000
Height (mm) 2
Life Hours 50,000
Beam Angle 40°
Dimmable Dimmable
Colour Warm White (3000K) and Cool White (6000K)
Certification CE, RoHS
Warranty 5 Years*

If you would like to return anything you have bought from Wholesale LED Lights, you have 14 days from the date of delivery to notify us. Should you with to, you then have a further 14 days to send the item back to us. You will then receive either a refund or an exchange.

This applies to all items unless otherwise stated, for example, any custom-made items (such as cut to length LED Strip Lights, or LED Door Signs) are excluded from our 14 day returns policy.

If an item has been modified, attempted to have been repaired or otherwise tampered with, Wholesale LED Lights are not obliged to offer a refund or exchange.

Please read through our full returns policy for more details

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