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NeoPower 60W Waterproof LED Driver Description

Get the power to your low voltage LEDs whilst maintaining an integrity of protecting the insides from water damage with the 60W Waterproof LED Driver. Even though each driver comes enclosed it does not need a fan to maintain the temperature.

Each unit is also fully CE & RoHS certified meaning that it can be installed anywhere that you can get 240v AC to.

Not only that, but each fitting is IP67 rated meaning that it can be installed anywhere where water flow is but it can only be submerged for 30 minutes. It is also completely dust tight meaning that it is suitable for bathroom installation as it surpasses the minimum rating required.

Introducing NeoPower

Our innovative NeoPower range of LED drivers has been completely retooled to maximise the efficiency of the transformer. These are highly toughened devices, featuring upgraded waterproofness and excellent ingress protection. Thanks to a finely tuned, the heat sink is capable of dissipating more heat than ever, extending the life of the device.

Maintaining The Power Efficiently

Coming in either 12v or 24v, the 60W Waterproof LED Driver is capable of running any of the LED strip lights we have available. Due to the simply enormous range of wattages and brightness's available, as well as the freedom to cut the lights wherever you want, there is not a standard length that this driver can run. We have compiled a small list to give you an idea of the lengths you can run:

The products listed in the above are not the only ones that can be ran directly off of the driver with a range of other 12v & 24v items available for use such as the range of RGB, single colour & dual colour controllers, Pixel tape remotes and DMX decoders.

MR16 LED Spotlights also run at low voltage, making them a viable product to use with each unit by giving you the chance of have up to 10 of off each driver!

Despite all of these items being available to use with it, the 60W Waterproof LED Driver is not dimmable. This means that if you install a dimmer switch on the same circuit you will damage the driver and void the warranty.

There is also a huge range of other styles of power supply available for purchase with power adapters, non-waterproof LED drivers, other waterproof drivers similar to this one, dimmable ones and even drivers for advanced dimming such as Dali and 1-10v dimmable drivers available.

Covering Your Power For 2 Years

Purchasing online is never a certainty until you have what you have bought and there is the chance you are not happy with what you have received or you have simply had a change of heart. If any of these apply, let us know and we can exchange the item over for you for something different or offer you a refund regarding your order is within its first 28 days.

Each 60W Waterproof LED Driver has a 2 year replacement warranty meaning you are covered against any premature failures of your unit with free of charge replacements.

If you'd like any more information on any of our LED drivers, waterproof or not, then do not hesitate to ask us by e-mailing or calling 0116 321 4120.

We have also recently opened a trade store for the tradesperson. If you are interested in saving up to 30% on your costs then apply now!