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Radio Frequency
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2 Years

EasiLight RGBW LED Zone Receiver Description

This Additional EasiLight RGBW LED Zone Receiver from Mirrorstone is a remarkable and versatile bit of kit that will benefit you no end!

It has been designed to be used with our RGBW LED Zone Controller which will enable you to control up to four of these receiver units.

This system uses an RF (Radio Frequency) signal which has a massive range of 30 metres and doesn’t require you to have a direct line-of-sight between the controller and receiver. Therefore, you’ll be able to operate your RGBW LED Strip Lights from a completely different room in your home!

With your controller and receivers setup operating at maximum capacity, you’ll have full control over up to four different zones in your home and all from a single remote, giving you the ability to have diverse lighting effects in each.

This will be fantastic for parties, as you’ll be able to have a different colour-changing lighting effect in each area!

Order now for standard delivery in 2 – 3 days or select Next Day Delivery at checkout. To give you peace of mind, this product comes with 2 years of warranty.

Introducing EasiLight

Its name being its virtue, the EasiLight range is a family of Wi-Fi-friendly products that are at the forefront of intelligent lighting. With ground-breaking smart technology to pair with Alexa and phone apps, multiple functions and giving you complete control over your aesthetic with a range of remotes, this collection has been designed with you in mind.

A Vast Array Of Choices For You!

You’ll be able to control a massive number of different types of our LED Strip lights using this RGBW LED Zone Receiver and its associated controller, and the effects you’ll achieve will astound you with their beauty and complexity, despite the setup itself being very simple to accomplish.

For example, you may wish to backlight the television in your living area using some of our RGB Colour Strip Lights, your bedroom dressing table mirror with our Single Colour LED Tape in a relaxing, warm (3000K) colour temperature and your kitchen cabinets with a length of our Dual Colour LED Strips that will enable you to switch between cool (6000K) and warm white as necessity dictates.

Well now you’ll be able to do all these things at the same time and from just one remote controller - it’s unprecedented freedom and functionality and the combinations are endless!

And don’t worry about finding the right LED Driver to use in order to make all this lighting wizardry possible because we have an enormous number for you to choose from!

You Have Every Reason To Switch To LED!

The products mentioned above, as with all LED lights, are hugely advantageous in comparison with their halogen and fluorescent counterparts. They consume only around 10% of the energy, yet are able to generate the same number of lumens, and they last between 10 and 20 times as long.

This will save you a considerable amount of money when you switch light sources, but you’ll also discover that their incredible longevity will considerably reduce the expense and inconvenience of having to replace your bulbs every few months.

Indeed, our LED strip lights are expected to perform at full capacity for around 50,000 hours, so they’ll still be going strong in 17 years’ time even if you have them switched on for 8 hours every day!

Ensure your LED strips achieve their full potential by installing them with our Aluminium Profiles which dissipate any harmful heat they may generate and make them look great into the bargain!

Even More Great Savings!

Quite aside from the substantial savings you’ll make by switching to LED lighting, you’ll also be able to reduce the price of this zone receiver by 10 to 20% simply by applying the latest of our discount codes to the contents of your shopping cart.

If your order exceeds £40.00 it will be shipped free-of-charge.

Our Returns Policy

Whenever you purchase one of our LED lighting products, you’ll be given 28 days to return it if it doesn’t quite meet your expectations. Just give us a call and arrange to return your item in its original packaging, and we’ll happily offer you a replacement or a refund.

Please be informed that, on return, all EasiLight products will require a 15% restocking fee as they are special order items.

Getting In Touch

If you’d like to place an order for this or any of our other great LED lighting products, please don’t hesitate to give one of our customer service advisors a call on 0116 321 4120 or send an email to

You can also post a query or a comment on our social media sites, so pop on over to Facebook or Twitter right now!

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