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LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights

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Wholesale LED Lights provides a range of flexible LED Strip Lights with a self adhesive backing, ideal for a range of applications including under cabinet lighting and mood lighting.

What features do they have?

LED Strip Lights, also known as LED Tape or LED Ribbon, are a flexible strip of LEDs with a self-adhesive backing. In actuality, LED Tape is probably the most accurate name, as it properly describes this product.

We have already covered some of the key features. LED Strips are flexible, which greatly increases their versatility compared to older lighting formats such as fluorescent tubes. Being flexible, these strips can be bet into unusual shapes and made to fit uneven surfaces.

The self-adhesive backing makes installing LED Strip Lights very straightforward. Installing a strip light is as easy as removing the adhesive strip on the back and sticking the light down. Our lights are manufactured with a 3M adhesive, which has become the standard for adhesives in the lighting industry.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of LED Strip lighting is the fact that it can be cut. For many customers this is a surprising quality for any lighting to possess. In the past lighting has been very rigid in its design, and the level of customization has been pretty much non-existent. Due to a combination of their design and the materials used in their manufacture, LED Strip Lights can be cut to almost any length and can accommodate most, if not all, rooms and design projects. The lights are cuttable at 2.5cm, 5cm and 10cm intervals, depending on the type of tape purchased.

While it is possible to cut your own LED Strip Lights, Wholesale LED Lights offers a free made-to-measure service to all its customers. That means you can send us your measurements and we will cut your lights for you.

Types of LED Strips available

The LED Strip Lights sold at Wholesale LED Lights can be divided into two broad categories - single colour and colour changing. Colour changing can in turn be divided into standard RGB, Pixel Tape and RGBW. Let's start with single colour.

Single Colour LED Tape is available in the standard colour temperatures as well as common primary colours including red, green, blue and pink. Typically these strips are used for subtle mood lighting where there is no requirement for the colour changing feature.

Colour changing strips lights, as the name suggests, allows customers to change the colour of their lighting at the push of a button. The tape is usually sold with a controller that manipulates the colour of the LEDs. These specific LEDs are known as tri-chip and incorporate a red, green and blue element, hence the name RGB. By blending these three colours together they can achieve a wide spectrum of colour. These are particularly popular with venues and anyone looking for that extra oomph from their lighting.

Best sellers in this category are RGB LED Pixel Tape (30 x 5050 SMD, 7.2W, 165-510 Lumens) and RGBW LED Strip Lights (60 x 5050 SMDs, 14.4W p/m, 1020LM).

Apart from the LED strip lights products, within the store clients can find as well a variety of LED profiles, power supplies, controllers, LED tape kits and LED light bars.

How to Buy LED Strip Lights?

LED Strip Lights follow are fairly intuitive format and when looking to purchase it is important to consider the specifications: colour, number of LEDs per metre (p/m) and the LED chip.

As we have already discussed colour above we will move straight onto the number of LEDs. You will notice when shopping the Wholesale LED Lights website for LED Strips that we quote the number of LEDs per metre. This is fairly self-explanatory and describes the number of individual LED chips per metre of tape. At the moment it is possible to purchase tape with 30, 60 and 120 LEDs p/m. Generally speaking it follows that the greater number of LEDs, the brighter the strip, but not always. That is why the chip size is also important.

LED chips come in two mains sizes - 3528 and 5050. Without getting too technical, it is best to think of the 3528 as a small chip and the 5050 as a large chip. Naturally, the large chip is brighter than the small chip.

Low voltage lighting

LED Strip Lights are low voltage, but what does this mean exactly? It means they cannot be connected directly to the mains voltage supply in your house and a step down transformer, or LED Driver, is needed to convert the voltage. That is unless you are running them from a low voltage supply, such as in a car or motor home, in which case the driver isn't needed.

Transformers aren't interchangeable and buying the correct transformer for your installation is important. You can find out more about transformers and drivers in this blog post explaining low voltage LED lighting, or you can speak to our customer service team about your requirements.

Applications of LED Strip Lights

While there are many obvious applications for LED Strip Lights, in reality the sky is the limit and we have seen them used for a wide range of interesting applications.

Perhaps the most common use for the strips is as under cabinet lighting in the kitchen. They lend themselves particularly well to this application as no two kitchens are the same and the lights can be cut to the exact length of your units making for a neat installation. Moreover, because the lights are so thin, they can be easily hidden behind the pelmet making for a very unobtrusive installation.

They are also used in the kitchen as plinth lighting at floor level. The result is a striking 'halo' effect that makes the units look as though they are 'floating.'

Another popular use is as up lighting and cove lighting in drop ceilings. Many customers will have these ceilings specifically built to accommodate the lighting and create an amazing wash effect across the ceiling. For more ideas on how and where LED Strip Lights can be used, check out this blog post addressing the usage of LED strip lights.

The Mirrorstone mark of quality

The range of LED Strip Lights sold at Wholesale LED Lights is manufactured exclusively by Mirrorstone Lighting Ltd, a household name in LED Lighting.

Mirrorstone are committed to producing only the highest quality LED ribbon and ensuring all their products are manufactured in accordance with current EU regulations, including CE and RoHS.

Mirrorstone LED Strip Lights come with an extended 5 year warranty and use high quality PCB board to ensure the longevity of the LED chips and components.

Mirrorstone have achieved the perfect compromise between price and affordability in their products, which means you are always getting the very best value for money when buying such products.

Apart from a very same day dispatch in most cases, an attractive warranty policy and wholesale prices that are among the most competitive rates in the market we regularly offer promotional codes with massive discounts and volume discounts.

We are also happy to announce that we have a special program so that whenever you order you actually earn points that can be used later on in the store.

Not sure where to start from? Take a look at this practical how to buy LED guide or just call us at 0116 321 4120.