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Switches & Sockets

Switches & Sockets

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Wholesale LED Lights offers an amazing range of over 150 decorative switches & sockets to its customers, including dimmers, rocker switches and plug sockets, all compatible with LED Lighting technology.

Thing to consider

When using dimmable LED bulbs it is important to consider two things.

Firstly, is the bulb you are buying dimmable? Not all LED bulbs are dimmable and using a non-dimmable bulb on a dimmer switch could damage the bulb.

Secondly, is the dimmer switch you are purchasing compatible with LED technology. A lot of older dimmer switches, and even some new ones, are only designed to work with incandescent or halogen lighting. If the dimmer isn’t compatible with LED there is a high chance it will damage the bulbs. It is therefore important to make sure you are buying an LED-compatible dimmer.

The Varilight V-Pro Range

As a manufacturer of dimming controls, Varilight are second to none. They have been around for a while and have defied convention by developing a great range of LED-compatible dimmer switches, known as the V-Pro (short for V-Professional) range.

The technical specification for these dimmers is low-load trailing-edge. Low load refers to the minimum load on the dimmer switch. All dimmer switches have a minimum and maximum load which governs how many bulbs can be used on the circuit. Due to their lower power consumption it is necessary to have a lower minimum load when using LED bulbs, otherwise the switch, and the bulbs, won’t work properly.

Trailing edge refers to the fact that the dimming mechanism on these switches is specifically designed to cater for LED bulbs. Without getting too technical, it is good enough to know that there are two types of switch available on the market: leading-edge and trailing-edge. There are very few, if any, leading-edge switches that will work with LEDs. More often than not they will cause damage to the bulbs. We always recommend using a trailing-edge dimmer.

Mirrorstone have worked tirelessly with Varilight to ensure that their entire range of dimmable LED bulbs are compatible with the V-Pro range. As a result, you can find everything you need all in one place, the Wholesale LED Lights website, and make your purchase safe in the knowledge that your bulbs will work without trouble.

More recently Varilight have also introduced the V-Com (short for V-Commercial) range with a much higher minimum load, perfect for commercial situations where the demands on the dimmer switch are much higher and they are required to run a higher number of bulbs.

By far the most popular switch in this range is the satin chrome dimmer in the screwless plate. The screwless plate design is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners due to its streamline modern appearance and complements almost any modern interior.

The LightWave range

A recent addition to our online store, LightWave’s range of dimmers boast a unique design that does away with the conventional rotary dimmer and replaces it with a two touch-button system. This also gives them a very streamline appearance, perfect for anyone looking to update the look and feel of their home.

Again, Mirrorstone have worked closely with LightWave to guarantee the compatibility and performance of their range of dimmable bulbs with these switches. The result is a great looking range of decorative switches that work well with our bulbs and ensure their full working life.

The Trendi Range

New kids on the block Trendi have completely revamped the design of their switches, substituting a conventional rocker with a long thin switch. The result is a stylish decorative switch and an amazing focal point for any room.

They come in four colours: white, silver, black and gold and the range encompasses all manner of sockets and auxiliaries so you can have your entire house matching.

We have seen a massive surge in popularity for this range and in particular the 2 gang black Trendi switch

Switches & sockets for interior decor

Even if you’re not looking to purchase dimmable LEDs, these switches are a great way to update the appearance of your home with the many finishes and styles available.

We are currently stocking all popular finishes including white, chrome, satin chrome and brass, as well as some slightly more unique options including iridium black and graphite.

With all the potential pitfalls associated with this kind of purchase its always good to speak to someone who knows what they’re talking about.

That’s why we always recommend speaking to a member of our customer service team if you are unsure about anything. They’re fully knowledgeable about this product and will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Give them a call today!

Why buy from us?

Apart from a variety of products in stock, we try to offer a very same day dispatch in most cases, an extended warranty policy, special offers discount codes and also discounts based on quantity ordered.

Moreover we put in place a 14-day cancellation period.

Not sure where to start from or are you interested in other LED lighting products? Check out this practical how to buy LED guide we have prepared.