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LED Commercial Lighting

LED Commercial Lighting

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There are 53 items in this category

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  1. Pro2 Compact LED High Bay 150W Dimmable
    £329.99 £274.99
  2. Pro2 Compact LED High Bay 200W Dimmable
    £395.99 £329.99
  3. 3ft Linear High Bay Light
  4. Exit Sign LED - Ceiling/Wall Mount
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  5. Exit Sign LED - Ceiling Mount
    £39.60 £33.00
  6. Exit Legend For HTLEDCM - Arrow Up
    £13.20 £11.00
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There are 53 items in this category

Items 1-40

Wholesale LED Lights offers an extensive range of commercial LED lighting catering to a variety of situations and applications, consisting of over 50 products.

The benefit to business owners

Lighting can be a large cost when it comes to running a business. It is estimated that, on average, lighting accounts for up to 15% of the cost of running a business. LED lighting is an easy way to cut this cost by up to 90% and improve the green credentials of your company.

Many companies are apprehensive about adopting LED lights. They look at the initial cost and are put off. But, the purchase price is only part of the cost of a light bulb. You also need to consider the lifetime cost of the bulb. The lifetime cost of the bulb is the amount it costs to run the bulb for its entire life expectancy.

So, while it may cost less to purchase halogen or fluorescent initially, these will cost you a fortune to run, and much of the money you save to begin with is lost. LED Lighting on the other hand, albeit more expensive, will pay for itself many times over, mainly because it uses a fraction of the electricity, but also because it lasts a lot longer, so you will be paying for fewer replacements as well. On balance, LED Lighting is a more cost effective solution for a company, particularly considering the number of lights it takes to light the entire premises.

These are all practical considerations, but there are also other benefits to a company that goes LED. First off you are reducing your carbon footprint. In this day and age it is important for us all to reduce our energy usage where possible, but it is even more vital for companies who stand to profit by improving their green credentials and therefore their public image.

What lighting do we offer in this range?

The commercial lighting range covers a broad range of lighting for applications including warehouse lighting, office lighting and even exterior lighting applications.

Currently one of our biggest sellers is the LED High Bay range. High bays are an excellent large area lighting solution and can be suspended from high ceilings. They are particularly effective in large open areas with high ceilings such as warehouses and factories. Due to their situations, installing and replacing these units is a costly procedure and can take hours of an electrician's time. With LEDs you can install a high bay and don’t need to worry about the cost of replacement for many, many years. By far the most popular unit in this range is our 150W LED High Bay which offers an excellent compromise between cost and power and can be used for most commercial situations.

Our range of 2D LED lamps has also proven extremely popular thanks to their handy retrofit design. Retrofit means you can replace the lamp without having to modify the existing unit. Mirrorstone 2D lamps are designed to work in your existing fittings. With many other manufacturers this isn’t a case and you may find yourself having to perform laborious rewiring work just to get the unit working.

We also offer a great range of LED Tube Lights designed to retrofit your existing fittings and offer a like-for-like replacement in terms of light output and light colour, whether your preference is warm white or cool white. As usual our colour temperature guide is available to help you decide. At the moment we offer the two main standards for tube lights which are the T8 and T5.

Finally our range of LED panel lights are the unit of choice for companies looking to replace their old and tired fluorescent tubes. These handy panels are designed to fit standard grid ceilings commonly found in offices and one units will replace an entire bank of tubes. Installation is very straightforward for an electrician and the light offered by these units is incredibly bright and vibrant - excellent for working conditions.

Why buy Mirrorstone?

Mirrorstone Lighting products are second-to-none. As a manufacturer of LED Lighting, Mirrorstone have a wealth of experience and always strive for excellence in the manufacture of their products. When you purchase one of our LED lighting items you can guarantee it will work for its full life expectancy and, even if it doesn’t, you are protected by an extensive warranty and amazing after sales support from Wholesale LED Lights. This is even more important for commercial clients who expect the best possible service and stand to lose most if the products they use are inferior.

Remember, it may be tempting to opt for a cheaper product, but you will undeniably compromise on quality by doing so. A cheaper product uses cheaper components and will inevitably fail short of its quoted life expectancy. This isn’t the case with Mirrorstone products which use only the highest quality heat sinks and drivers to ensure the bulb lasts as long as stated.

Become a trade customer with Wholesale LED Lights

Wholesale LED Lights offers electricians, builders and other tradesmen the opportunity to become trade customers. By coming a trade customer you can benefit from competitive prices on our entire range of commercial lighting, an account manager and a whole range of purchase incentives including a lucrative loyalty rewards program.

Find out more by visiting the Wholesale LED Lights trade store.