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Outdoor LED Lighting

Outdoor LED Lighting

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Wholesale LED Lights offers a fantastic range of outdoor LED Lighting solutions to its customers, including floodlights, exterior wall lights and deck lighting.

Safety First

When it comes to outdoor lighting safety is key. Any electrical products designed for outdoor use must carry an IP rating.

IP stands for ingress protection and describes the level of protection offered against the ingress of water. In order to be fit for purpose an exterior lighting unit must carry at least an IP44 rating if the unit is sheltered and IP65 if the unit is fully exposed.

If the IP rating on your outdoor lighting unit is inadequate moisture will get into the fixture and cause a short circuit. It is therefore important to always check the IP rating whenever purchasing a light fitting for your garden. We also advise using a professional electrician for any exterior electrical work.

LED Floodlights

Wholesale LED Lights currently stocks one of the most extensive range of LED Floodlights available, all produced by Mirrorstone, the go-to name in LED Lighting. Needless to say, being Mirrorstone, these units are top notch and we rarely, if ever, see one returned faulty. If you are ever unfortunate enough to end up with a faulty unit, you are covered by an extensive warranty.

LED Floodlights offer numerous advantages over their halogen counterparts. They last longer and use less energy, so the cost savings are definitely there. Generally speaking they are also brighter and their directional beam means that less light is wasted.

Things to consider when purchasing an LED Floodlights is the colour temperature of the light (warm or cool), the finish (black, grey or white), the wattage and the lumens, which describes the brightness of the light. Remember, watts is no longer a reliable measure of light output and only tells us how much power the light uses. For a more accurate measure of brightness look at the lumens or, even better, the equivalent wattage if there is one.

By far our most popular LED floodlight is the 30W unit which offers a decent balance between cost and brightness. Even though it uses just 30W of the power it generates 2400 lumens, which is enough to replace a 300W halogen flood.

Our floodlights are also available with PIR (passive infra-red) sensors to function as a security light and can also be purchased as a colour changing RGB option with RF (radio frequency) remote to add some colour and architectural lighting to the exterior of your home and garden.

LED Wall Lights

It may seem like a pretty self-explanatory product but our range of LED Wall Lights is huge and the number of varieties on offer easily exceeds 50! Our LED Wall Lights are compatible with our entire range of LED Light Bulbs and LED Spotlights where applicable.

These are a really stylish and simple way to add some nice feature lighting to the exterior of your home. During the summer they will help you get the most out of your exterior space, while in the winter they add that extra touch of much needed warmth and security to the outside of your home.

The stainless steel up/down wall lighter is easily a customer favourite and we are currently selling in excess of 200 every month, so don't miss out! These require twin GU10 spots.

LED Decking Lights

Decking is as fashionable as ever and, where there is decking, there are usually deck lights. Due to their low power consumption and high life expectancy, LEDs are becoming a very popular choice for this type of lighting. Once installed the lights should last upwards of 50,000 hours.

All our LED Decking Lights are sold as kits and work on a very simple plug-and-play system, making installation a relatively stress-free endeavor.

Colours range from pink and blue, as well as warm white and ice white. You can also choose from a small 1W unit or the higher power 3W unit, depending on the style of lighting you are looking for. Most customers find these easy enough to install themselves but it should be a relatively quick job for an electrician.

In Mirrorstone we trust

Mirrorstone Lighting Ltd have gone the extra mile to ensure that all their products are manufactured to the high level of quality our customers expect. Supported by long warranties and compliant with all current EU regulations, you can be sure you are buying some of the best LED Lighting money can afford.

Why to buy from us?

Wholesale LED Lights tries to dispatch within 24 hours from ordering in most cases, while offering an attractive warranty policy, discount codes with massive discounts and volume discounts, while our wholesale prices are among the most competitive rates in the market.

We are also happy to announce that we have a 14 days refunds policy allowing you to change your mind and send your goods back within a further 14 days.

Stuck? Take a look at this practical how to buy LED guide or speak to our customer service team now.