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Recessed LED Panel Lights

Recessed LED Panel Lights

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Mirrorstone’s brilliant range of Recessed LED Panel Lights are the best option for your commercial lighting needs.

They’re ideal for use in offices, classrooms, supermarkets, or anywhere else, and help you to save money on your lighting bills.

The best seller in the range is our 600 x 600 40W LED Panel Light, and for good reason too – the dimensions ensure that it can be used in a suspended grid ceiling and blend straight in!

The same also applies to our excellent 72W LED 1200 x 600 Panel Light, which seamlessly replaces two tiles in a grid ceiling.

If your taste demands it, there is also a set of round LED Panel Lights too that offer the same fantastic quality. These are available in varying wattages starting at 12W, and going up to 20W.

The wattage directly impacts how bright your panel lights are too – the 12W outputs 930 lumens, whilst the 20W gives you 1600 lumens. In between those are the 15W and the 18W that beam out 1170 lumens and 1450 lumens respectively.

Regardless of which LED Panel Light you go for, you’re going to get incredible longevity out of it, as all our panels come with an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours.

All Kinds Of Commercial Lighting

As good as our LED Panel Lights are, they aren’t the only way to illuminate your office – our range of LED commercial lights has many more options for you to choose from.

For large open areas like warehouses or gyms, you’d want to go for our LED High Bay Lights because of their high lumen output and reflective shade.

Our 100W LED High Bay Light for example emits an amazing 9000 lumens! Its brilliant performance has made it one of the best sellers in our range!

For smaller areas, or even for your own garage, you might want to consider our T5 LED Tubes, or our T8 Tube Lights.

Another wise investment would be our Emergency Conversion Kit For LED Panel Lights. It connects to any LED Panel Light, and stores energy when it’s hooked up.

Then, in the event of a power cut, it will kick in and carry on powering your lights for up to 3 hours!

Why Buy Mirrorstone?

Part of the reason why Mirrorstone Lighting have quickly become one of the biggest names in the industry is because of the incredible quality of their lights. Reliability is of the highest standard – as mentioned earlier, each Panel Light comes with an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours.

If they fail prematurely, then you can make use of the 2 year replacement warranty on our standard LED Panel Lights, and the 3 year replacement warranty on our 12W-20W range.

Please note that the 12W-20W range are special order items, so delivery of these panels will take 3-5 days longer than normal. Not only this, but any returns on these panels will be subject to restocking fees of 15%.

If you have any kind of unlikely problem before then, or if you’ve just changed your mind, you can cancel your order at any point within 14 days of receiving them for a full refund or exchange.

Simply call us on 0116 321 4120 or send us an email to, and ensure the item is sent back to us in condition fit for sale with all parts and packaging.

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