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240v AC
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240v AC
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N/A (240v PSU Supplied)
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2 Years

3-in-1 RGBW 4 Channel DMX Wall Plate Controller Description

Buying RGBW LED strip lights is all well and good. But if you’re not getting the most out of them, they can be wasted. Standard LED controllers like ours do the job just fine, but for high end applications, your only real choice is the 3 in 1 RGBW 4 Channel DMX Wall Plate Controller.

Brought to you by industry leaders Mirrorstone Lighting, it’s finished in high quality matte chrome, resulting in a sleek and subtle exterior.

It can be used with any colour changing LED strip lights, and can control modes, colour, brightness and fade. To top it all off, sound to light functionality allows for synchronisation between the two, thanks to the inbuilt microphone.

You really can get creative with your strip lights using this DMX controller.

Everything You Need

As it uses a DMX signal, there isn’t any limit on the length of strip light that can be ran from a single controller.

You will however require a DMX Decoder for every 25m of 7.2W tape, or for every 12.5m of 14.4W tape. You’ll also need an LED Driver for the decoder. Depending on your total watts requirement, we recommend giving yourself 10% leeway on your driver above your total requirement.

So for example, if your total watts required for your strip lights are 85W, we would recommend buying the 100W driver. This prevents your equipment from overheating and extends the life too.

Connecting your controller to your decoder will then require either a CAT5 or a CAT5e cable.

All of this together gives you a professional end product, suitable for any range of commercial applications.

This item automatically qualifies for free shipping, giving you instant savings. You could save more by checking our discount and promotional codes page, where you could get up to 20% off selected items at various points throughout the year.

Choosing LED

LEDs have the freedom and variation to do things that incandescent and fluorescents can’t, and our DMX controller is the embodiment of that. That’s not the only advantage that LEDs have though.

There are many reasons why you should switch to LED lighting.

Our recommended product for use with the DMX controller is the 14.4W RGBW LED Strip Lights, and it has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. This prevents the need to constantly replace your lights, but the savings don’t stop there.

LEDs use a fraction of the power used by an equivalent incandescent because they are far more energy efficient - up to ten times more efficient. This saves you money every time you use them with lower electricity bills as a result.

A secondary benefit of this is that they are kinder to the environment too, with less fossil fuels burned for electricity. LEDs are also kinder to your health.

Traditional fluorescent lights contain small amounts of Mercury vapour – but still enough to cause damage to your brain, organs and immune system in the event of a leak.

LEDs contain no such substances though. They pose no threats to you or your loved ones if they break, and also make recycling a lot easier too.

Home Trial, Warranty And Contact Info

If you find that you’ve changed your mind about your DMX Controller, or if there is an unlikely case of a problem with your order, you’re entitled to a refund or exchange within 28 days of purchase. This ensures your rights as a customer are protected.

We also offer a 2 year warranty as standard on this controller too, giving you peace of mind further down the line.

For any other queries you might have about this item, other RGB or DMX controllers, installations, wholesale orders or anything else then please get in touch. You can email us on, or you can speak to a member of our customer service team on 0116 321 4120.