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ProLED GU10 LED Bulb 9W COB, 730 Lumens


ProLED GU10 LED Bulb 9W COB, 730 Lumens

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Key Features:
  • GU10
  • 860lm
  • 9W
  • 80W
  • 220-240V AC
  • 75mm
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  • Free ShippingOrders over £40

  • 14 DayCancellations

  • 5 Years*Warranty

Consuming 9 watts of power, this COB GU10 LED Bulb manufactured by Mirrorstone is the perfect replacement for any 80W halogen GU10. Your savings can start imminently as these can directly replace your halogen spotlights.

Check out the video below to find out more about this 9W GU10 LED COB Spotlight:

Introducing ProLED

Our ProLED range of spotlights brings greater energy-efficiency than ever before. You’ll be getting many more lumens per wattage with a ProLED. They utilise a much-improved array of reflective panels internally to focus the light into much narrower areas, making them much better. They have massively upgraded heat sinks, meaning greater heat dissipation, and longer lifespans.

Why You'll Want To Change Over To This 9W COB

Each individual 9W GU10 Bulb comes with one single COB LED. This single COB chip provides 9 Watts of power, making it the right equivalent for any 80W halogen bulb.

With a brightness output of 730 Lumens and a beam angle of 60° the 9W COB replicates halogen spotlights better than most LED GU10's. The 9W GU10 LED Bulb is available in two colour variations, Warm White and Cool White.

Warm White (3000k) is a soft white that is similar to the colour that you get with old style halogen spotlights. A general rule of thumb is that warm white is used in living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. Warm White is also recommended in case of any rooms that have a more traditional decor to compliment the setting well.

The alternative to the Warm White is Cool White (6000k). Cool White is a sharper, whiter white. Generally Cool White is used in bathrooms and more commercial installations such as offices and warehouses. Opposite to Warm White, modern designed rooms will suit a Cool White light more.

We have prepared a colour temperature guide for you so you can decide on the colour you need

The perfect replacement for the popular Megaman 614640 14W Energy saving GU10. Review the specs against our 9W COB bulb and see for yourself exactly how close they are.

9W Gu10 LED COB direct replacement for 14W GU10 CFL

Please ensure that before changing your bulb, that your mains power is switched off, and to allow the bulb to cool down sufficiently before contacting it with bare skin.

In the event of a breakage, please safely dispose of the bulb by sweeping up any large fragments, and by using a vacuum cleaner to remove any smaller fragments.

Please contact your local authorities for instructions on how to safely recycle your bulb after use.

Save Money On Your Bills For Over 10 Years

Using up to 90% less energy than your halogen spotlights, your lighting bills will drop dramatically whilst still maintaining the same brightness level.

This massive power reduction results in a cooler running temperature and a lifespan of up to 50 times longer. These cost reductions over such a large amount of time of over 10 years make LEDs a sure choice for your lighting solution.

Enticing Discounts And Further Savings On Repeat Purchases

If you're looking to get bulk, 10 or more 9W COBs then you can benefit from volume discounts on the spotlights. You can also apply any of the discount codes which are running at the time so you can achieve up to 20% discount off of your order.

You should also know that these 9W GU10 LED bulbs can be shipped for free in case your order is over £40.

All purchases do come with our 14-day cancellation policy, whilst any further unlikely issues are covered by our standard 2 year replacement warranty. This is extendable to 5 years at no extra charge - all you need to do is fill out our extended warranty form within 90 days of purchase, and we'll let you know once it's active!

If you have any questions on the warranty, returns procedure or anything else please feel free to contact us on 0116 321 4120 or e-mail us at

More Information
Base GU10
Lumens 860lm
Power 9W
Equivalent Wattage 80W
Input Voltage 220-240V AC
Height (mm) 75mm
Diameter (mm) 50mm
Life Hours 30,000
Beam Angle 60°
Colour Warm White (3000K) and Cool White (6000K)
Warranty 2 Years Upgradable to 5 Years
Certification CE, RoHS
Brand Mirrorstone
Switch Cycle 15,000
Warm Up Time Instant
Lumen Maintenance Factor at the end of its nominal life 70%
Starting Time 0.1s
Colour Rendering > 80
Colour Consistency 2
Rated Peak Intensity in Candela 153.3
Spectral Power Distribution (180-800nm) 500.4nm
Mercury Content 0

4.71 Average

56 Reviews

Martin Cooper

Much increased brightness with my desk lamp. It projects much further than the previous light bulb - but I knew that from previous reviews. Now lets see how long it lasts - hopefully many years.


I bought these to replace the energy saving bulbs that were in the light fitting, the type that have to warm up before you can see properly. These LED ones are fantastic, very bright, take some getting used to, the difference is incredible, wish I had bought them a long time ago.

Robert Kirk

Excellent service and a briliant product. Would recommend

Gurusharanlal Awasthi

excellent bright lights

Richared Rigby

Very pleased with the extra brightness from the cool white LEDs

Les Stiff

Incredibly bright - brighter than a 50W halogen bulb.


Anthony Wallace

Having 9w and 860 lumens has made such a difference to our kitchen, and then the dimmer switch can change the mood to infinite levels

Kevin Fry

Amazing light output at just the right intensity for desk work (dims well when needed). Simple to install in an open fitting but longer than a standard GU10 so would be tight in a recessed fitting.

Simon Harrison

Brightest GU10 I've found. Changed the gloom to brightness. As noted by others, it is longer than 'standard' GU10 bulbs to you need to make sure there is headroom in your fitting. Nice warm light, very bright. Very happy.

Stephen Williams

The bulbs are larger than most but they are also very bright. I am really pleased with them.



A very good lamp, good light output and colour rendering.

Russell Lee

They seem to give abright cool white light going to use in bathroom once new spotlights fitted tried in bedroom but wife thought to bright but what does she know


One of the brighter "50W replacement" candidates. Does seem to me to be as bright if not slightly brighter than the halogens it replaced. Beam angle is much the same as the halogens and colour temp is just the right side of warm (real halogens I find are too yellow - these are are still warm but not quite as yellow which is ideal for our bathroom I find). Best LED I've used yet and I've been disappointed by many!


We have had various attempts to upgrade our low voltage ceiling lights to LED, but we could not find a replacement bulb of sufficient power, although several claimed to be. These new bulbs are now in our bathroom and study, and are really bright - about 1/3 brighter again than the 50w Halogen equivalents. Although they are longer than the halogens, with a little fiddling they installed into the same fittings, and we are looking forward to longer life and lower running costs.

Paul Smith

This is a superb bulb, colour temperature, smoothness whilst dimming, beam angle and look. Just purchased another 5!

Barry Coleman

This lamp was to replace an expired GU10 lamp over my kitchen sink. My kitchen has several recessed GU10 led lamps of various types fitted over many years, replacing old halogen lamps. This one looked well engineered. It was a long (75mm) lamp which is necessary for my particular recessed ceiling fittings. This is the brightest that I have fitted yet, to give good "daylight" illumination for washing pots etc and it certainly did this. The increased illumination over the sink was very clear. It is surprising what you can miss in poor light. My ceiling fittings are awkward and it takes a while to change a lamp requiring the removal of the fitting itself but this is not the fault of the lamp. The good thing about led lamps is that I only have to do this every 3 - 4 years or so.

Alex Morton

Great cool icy white light, perfect for the kitchen, 6000K. No Flicker, great value. Bring on the savings!

N Gregor Macgregor

These lights have brought the kitchen alive again. They have given confidence to my female critics who have been suspicious of "these new-fangled" lights in the past. They come on instantly and shine bright (just worried about the 9w power usage, now I have 1-0 of them). Price was good and they compare well with other light prices. It would be good to have say a 7w version.

ken plant

what a super company very helpful and efficient.The cool white 9W GU10 COB fits the existing fitting and gives much more great light and saves loads of money.Wonderful

Rupert Stephens

Very happy with the service provided by Wholesale LED Lights and most importantly I got the advice I needed from their sales team. The warm white lights are still a bit bright and as they suggested at the time I will fit a dimmer switch.

David Kirkham

Arrived quickly and was easy to replace - the LED gives more light than the 50w halogen it replaced and with much less heat.

Shaen Catherwood

Steve Gurner

Fantastic direct replacement for the GU10 halogen 50 watts I had before. The original dimmer was able to cope with the lower wattage load, 3 lamps in the fitting 27 watt load. These are very bright and much better than the halogens and no heat. I would highly recommend using these lamps.

Val Fairbank

A sturdier bulb than the previous version, with more lumens and wider spread. and a good price. Very happy customer. Bought a few to try and will be back for more :)


Great bulbs cant be beaten on price and service 5* rating. Will be recommending Wled to family and friends

Pete Skinner

Really bright LED bulbs, great for my shop window. Never seen a brighter LED bulb. Great price too.

Stellios Nicholas

Great bulbs, Great price

Phil Kingsbury

Yes these are quite expensive, but they are well worth it - they are extremely bright and give a really good spread of light. These have changed the slightly alleviated dinge in our kitchen into a bright and cheerful place. Strongly recommended.

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