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4m Single Colour LED Strip Light Kit (120x3528, 9.6W, 800LM)

4m Single Colour LED Strip Light Kit (120x3528, 9.6W, 800LM)

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  • 2 YearsWarranty

Key Features:
  • Mirrorstone
  • 9.6w/m
  • 70W
  • 800lm/m
  • 8mm
  • Power Adapter: 240v AC Strip Lights: 12v DC
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  • Free ShippingOrders over £40

  • 14 DayCancellations

  • 2 YearsWarranty

Take a good look at this 4m LED strip light kit from Mirrorstone™. The pack consists of a 4-metre reel of 9.6 Watts/metre single colour LED strip light and a 24W plug-and-play power adaptor.

It’s available with two different Ingress Protection ratings and in two colour temperatures so, should you wish to install it in your kitchen or bathroom, your ideal combination might consist of the cool white (6000K) temperature with the IP65 level.

For less functional, more convivial areas such as your living room, the lower IP20 rated strip in the warm white (3000K) temperature may be more your cup of tea.

Customise Your Light

This single colour LED strip is a dream to install, and can easily be cut to accommodate your requirements with nothing more technical than a pair of household scissors.

As this ultra-convenient strip light requires no soldering to adjoin the cut ends, you’ll need the appropriate connectors. These include the basic 3528 connectors and the incredibly useful and discreet corner connectors, both of which we have in stock.

Additionally, LED profiles will ensure that the strip’s great 120° beam angle and 800 brilliant Lumens are displayed to maximum effect. This can be diminished if the strip is not affixed correctly and will diminish the effect you’re trying to achieve.

The strip’s lasting performance is also assured when you use an LED profile, as opposed to simply sticking it to a surface. This is because profiles effectively draw away any heat that might be created by the light emitting diodes themselves.

If you think your installation will require strip lights of greater lengths, we stock 3-metre and 5-metre versions of this kit.

There are also RGB (Red, Green, Blue), Dual Colour, and Pixel Tape kits too, for those feeling slightly more adventurous!

Apart from these, we stock a huge variety of strip light kits coming in different lengths such as single colour like the one in question, dual colour, RGB and pixel kits.

LED Tape & Strip Lights Custom Lengths

Replace Those Old Fluorescents!

LED lighting is rapidly replacing both the traditionally used fluorescent and incandescent bulbs in people’s hearts and minds, and with very good reasons.

Top of most people’s list will be the fact that LED lights are so much more energy efficient and therefore less expensive to run than their old-school counterparts, producing equivalent luminosity, yet at a fraction of the cost.

Whilst the initial outlay may seem quite expensive, the fact that LEDs outperform and outlast both traditional types of bulb will more than compensate anyone switching to them.

Due to this high level of energy-efficiency, your switch to using LED lights will begin showing you real financial returns on your investment within the first 12 months!

Environmentally Sound!

Not only will switching to LED lights save you money, it’ll also go some way to saving the environment as well.

LED lights and strips are manufactured from recyclable materials, so they shouldn’t share a similar fate to that of old-fashioned bulbs that usually end up as landfill.

Unlike halogen bulbs, LED’s don’t need poisonous Mercury vapour to create their light.

The light they do produce is clean and green, as opposed to the incredibly dangerous UV rays that traditional energy-saving halogens emit. UV light is known to promote premature aging and causes certain categories of skin cancer, so LED lights are better for your health as well.

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14-Day Home Trial And Guarantee

When you sell as many LED lighting products as we do, there’s always the chance that someone might receive an item with which they’re not entirely happy. If this happens, don’t worry. We have a 14-day cancellation policy on all our items.

Please bear in mind that, if you cut or otherwise alter this LED light strip, we will no longer be able to replace it or accept a return. This is because a cut strip will be virtually impossible for us to re-sell.

When you purchase this 4 Metre Single Colour LED Strip Light Kit (120 x 3258, 9.6W, 800LM) you’ll be protected for 2 years by the manufacturer’s guarantee.

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More Information
Brand Mirrorstone
Power 9.6w/m
Equivalent Brightness 70W
Lumens 800lm/m
Width (mm) 8mm
Input Voltage Power Adapter: 240v AC Strip Lights: 12v DC
Beam Angle 120°
Dimmable with Single Colour Dimmer
Chipset Bridgelux
Chip Size 35/28 (3.5 x 2.8mm)
Colour Warm White (3000K) & Cool White (6000K)
Certification CE, RoHS
Life Hours 50,000

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