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Stainless Steel

1M Wide Aluminium Profile/Extrusion Description

Housing all of our LED pixel tape, RGBW, RGB, single and dual colour LED strip lights the Wide Aluminium Profile can provide the perfect finish for any strip light installation. The wider, 13mm inner width means it can easily house all variations of LED strips.

The functionality of being able to house such a huge range of LED tapes means you can install it in almost any situation such as decorative outdoor lighting to a range of commercial installations.

Due to its design, like our Recessed Aluminium profile, this profile doesn't come with any mounting brackets but it does come with the compatible end caps.

Installing The LED Strips The Right Way

Like all of our Aluminium profiles for LED strips, this Wide profile is available either with or with a diffuser. These diffusers are available in either a Clear or a frosted finish to complete the finish for an extra £1.67 per metre.

Even though both diffusers offer more protection to the LED strip lights, they both offer completely different effects. The clear profiles don't offer any form of light diffusion and are more effective in areas where the light cannot be seen directly such as under cabinet lighting.

Alternatively, the frosted diffuser offers a full diffusion of light for the LED strips making for a more complete finish. It is mainly used where the lights are either directly visible or very nearly visible in areas such as decking or commercial stands.

Maximising Your LED Strip Life

Despite its main aesthetic uses, Aluminium profiles offer a second more useful feature by being able to extend the life of the strip lights that are installed within them.

Being made of Aluminium, the profiles offer exceptional levels of heat dissipation that can extend the life of the strip lights by around 50%.

Huge Savings On The Ideal Lighting Solution

Being applicable to all of our varied LED discount codes, you can make up to 20% saving on any LED profile or the equipment used with it. This 20% can also get an additional 10% on top of it when you buy 5 or more thanks to our favourable volume discount offer.

For any further information on the Wide Aluminium profile, where it can be installed or the ideal Aluminium profile for you, do not hesitate to contact us either by sending an e-mail to or by calling 0116 321 4120.