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2430 LM
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Specification Table

2430 LM
Equivalent Wattage:
Input Voltage:
100-240v AC
Working Frequency:
50-60 Hz
240v AC
Height (mm):
Depth (mm):
Width (mm):
Life Hours:
Beam Angle:
With Controller
IP Rating:
Glass & Aluminium
Red, Green, Blue + 13 more including White

HEXR 30W RGB Colour LED Floodlight With RF Remote Description

Bring your garden or drive to life with the purchase of a Mirrorstone 30w RGB LED Floodlight. Reaching full brightness in White, it can match the light output of a 300w halogen floodlight, whilst possessing the versatility to still change colours and set colour scrolling modes.

The same as all traditional floodlights, the 30w RGB LED light features an IP65 rating to battle against any potential water ingression that could compromise the internal wiring.

You can also get the floodlights installed straight away as they are fully CE Certified with double insulated Twin and Earth Cable measuring 50cm from the back of the unit.

Making savings of up to 90% thanks to the drastically lower running costs can also be furthered by up to 20% thanks to the range of promotional offer codes we have available on selected products.

Introducing HEXR

Illuminate your property with absolute confidence, thanks to the new HEXR collection from Mirrorstone Lighting. With a higher lumens to watts ratio than ever before, this is powerful lighting at an eco-friendly price. A sturdier build and a perfectly tooled reflective housing mean that this light will penetrate the furthest reaches of your garden with its RGB light.

Setting Moods For Over 10 Years

All 30w RGB LED Floodlights feature a singular RGB Surface Mounted Diode LED (SMD) that mixes varying amounts of Red, Blue and Green light to achieve its range of colours. As well as this super bright LED, being a floodlight it also features a beam angle of 120° that lets it fill an area with light. These two factors combined with the 2400 Lumen brightness stretching the light output to over 10m.

Alongside this super bright LED, every single RGB LED floodlight that we stock is supplied with a Digital Remote Controller that allows you choose the colours or mode you want.

Having a wide range of options available through all of the available modes and colours, this controller makes the floodlight perfect for a vast range of installations from seasonal events such as Halloween and Christmas or use in social events.

Each remote is provided with 1 x 12v L1028 battery to operate the LED Floodlight.

Keep Refreshing Your Look For Over A Decade

Faulty floodlights that need to be replaced mean you must undertake an incredibly arduous and undesirable task.

By installing such a lighting solution you can drastically reduce the amount that you'll need to undertake this task thanks to its huge lifespan.

Pushing a life of over 10 years thanks to the 50,000 life span means that replacing floodlights will be a task that is done, very, very rarely, saving you unnecessary time, money and effort.

28 Day Refund And Exchange Period With 2 Year Warranty

All external Mirrorstone lights have an extraordinary failure rate and their reliability is shown being installed up and down the United Kingdom. However, all electrical items have the rare tendency to fail. If you were to be a part of the small, unfortunate group who's light has failed then we offer a 2 year replacement warranty across all ranges of LED floodlights.

This 2 year replacement comes alongside an exchange and refund period that lasts 28 days from date of receipt. Meaning that you have a whole month to test them and decide if you are happy with the product you have received and if not, then you can send it back to change over to something that suits your needs.

Alongside the RGB LED Floodlights, the full range of standard and PIR LED floodlights are applicable to both the 2 year warranty and 28 day home trial.

If you require any further information on these products as well as any more information on the returns process or trade accounts then do not hesitate to get in touch with us by calling customer services on 0116 321 4120 or by e-mailing