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GU10 MR16 B22 B15 E27 E14 G4 G9
Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms Gardens Offices
Spotlight Globe Ball Candle G4 Disc G4 Cylinder Reflector
GU10 LED Spotlights, LED Spotlights, GU10 Spotlights

GU10 LED Spots

recessed lights, 240v, round pins

GU10 LED Lighting, GU10 Spots
MR16 LED Spotlights, MR16 LED Light Bulbs

MR16 LED Spots

recessed lights, 12v, sharp pins

MR16 LED Lighting, GU5.3 LED Spotlights
RGB LED Strip Lights, RGB LED Strip Lighting, LED Strips

RGB LED Strips

colour changing, self adhesive

Per Metre From
LED Strip Lighting, Colour Changing Strips
White LED Strip Lights, Flexible LED Strip Lights

White LED Strips

warm/cool white colour, self adhesive

Per Metre From
LED Strip Lights, Warm White, Cool White

E27 LED Light Bulbs, Edison Screw Cap

E27 Light Bulbs

standard edison screw cap

E27 LED, E27 LED Lights
E14 LED Light Bulbs, E14 Small Screw Cap

E14 Light Bulbs

small edison screw cap

E14 LED, E14 LED Bulbs, E14 LED Lamps
LED Floodlights, Security Lighting

LED Floodlights

with optional PIR sensor

LED Floods, Flood Lighting
LED Light Bars, Tube Lighting

LED Light Bars

under cabinet lighting for kitchens

Kitchen Lights, Tube Lights

LED Dimmer Switches, LED Dimmers

LED Dimmers

works with LED, CFL and halogen

Dimmable LEDs, Dim Switches
LED Tube Lights, T8 LED Tube Lights, T5 LED Tube Lights

LED Tube Lights

replace existing t8 & t5 tubes

LED Tube Lighting, Tube Lights, LED Tubes
LED Wall Washers, Wall Washer

Wall Washers

white & colour changing

External Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Event Lighting
RGB Colour Changing, LED Light Bulbs

RGB Light Bulbs

remote control, colour changing

GU10 RGB, E27 RGB, B22 RGB

LED Panel Lights, Panel Lighting

LED Panel Lights

recessed, replaces tube lights

Round Panel Lights, Square Panel Lights
Fire Rated Cases, IP Rated Cases

GU10 Fittings

fire rated & ip rated

GU10 Fittings, GU10 LED Cases, LED Downlighters
AR111 LED Spotlights, 12v LED Spotlights

AR111 LED Spots

g53 pins, 12v, recessed lights

LED Spotlights, G53 LED SPotlights
LED Downlights, LED Ceiling Lights

LED Downlights

remote control, colour changing

Recessed Lighting, LED Down Lights

2D LED Lamps, 2D LED Lights, 2D LED Bulkheads

2D LED Lights

replaces 2d halogen lighting

2D LED Lighting, 2D LED, Bathroom Lighting
T5 LED Tube Lights, T5 LED Tube, LED Tube Lights

T5 LED Tubes

complete fitting, frosted

T5 LED Tube Lighting, Tube Lights, Under Cabinet Lighting
White LED Downlights, LED Downlights, LED Ceiling Lights

White Downlights

white and chrome band

White Gloss, LED Lighting, LED Ceiling Lighting
R63 LED Light Bulbs, R63 Lighting, R63 LEDs

R63 LED Lights

r63, reflector lamps

R63 LED Lamps, R63 LED Spotlights

If you haven’t already heard of LED Lighting, the chances are that you soon will. LED Lights are becoming very popular throughout the UK with homeowners and businesses. They are energy efficient, user friendly and last a lot longer than traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs. This makes them a quintessentially ‘green’ technology, which is helping us all to reduce our carbon footprint and save money on the running cost of lighting. Changing to LED Lights today is actually very easy; just unplug your existing lights and plug in your new bulbs.

Who are we?

Wholesale LED Lights is one the UKs leading online retailers of retrofit LED Bulbs. We are situated at 84 Vaughan Way, Leicester, East Midlands and have over 2 years experience selling our very own Mirrorstone branded products to trade and the general public. Our bulbs are all available at wholesale prices and VAT inclusive. When you shop with us you will be joining our already large customer base, which has earned us accreditation both locally in the surrounding Leicestershire area and across the whole of the UK. We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service and our after sales service is second to none. From start to finish our team of experts will be able to take you through the entire process of finding, buying and installing the best energy efficient LED Bulbs for your purposes. You can contact us Mon-Sat: 9am and 7pm or Sunday from 11am-4pm if you have any questions. Our open door policy also means you can come down and see our showroom in person during our opening hours.

What is LED and why buy it?

LED is short for Light Emitting Diode. They are small semiconductors that have been used in electronic appliances for many years. The technology has advanced overtime and now they are capable of producing enough illumination to light a business or home. The advent of LED Lighting is big news for businesses and homeowners. One of the main problems with traditional filament light bulbs is that they wasted a lot of their energy in producing heat rather than light, which would significantly increase the cost of lighting a building. Their fragile filaments would also corrode very quickly over time. Because they don’t rely on filaments, LED Light Bulbs use a tiny fraction, less than 10 per cent, of the energy used by an incandescent or halogen and last around 25 times longer. The reasons for switching to LED is therefore quite straightforward. They save you around 90 per cent on the cost of lighting your home and lower the overall maintenance cost of replacing bulbs. More importantly, they reduce your carbon footprint, which, in an age that has become so concerned about energy conservation, means you are doing your part to save the environment.

What do we sell?

We are currently one of the largest online stockists of ‘retrofit’ LED Light Bulbs. ‘Retrofit’ means they are designed as direct, like-for-like replacements so can be switched straight over with incandescent bulbs, halogens and Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) without the need for modification, rewiring or renovation. Installing them is one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint and begin saving money on electricity bills. All of our bulbs are available in a wide range of different wattages and the most common light fittings, including GU10 and MR16 LED Spotlights, E27 Edison Screw and B22 Bayonet, which make LED Lights suitable for businesses and homes. Our largest range of bulbs are our GU10. GU10 is a very popular fitting with businesses and homes because they are small, stylish and versatile. They rely on a bi-pin twist lock fitting which can be pushed and clicked into place. Our entire range of GU10 LED Bulbs are designed to the same specifications as traditional halogen bulbs so you will have no difficulty making them fit. Old GU10 halogen bulbs used to be very wasteful and burned out frequently because they overheated. GU10 LED are much more reliable, with a typical life span of between 30,000 and 50,000 hours. They also create a lot less heat which makes them much safer. Each of our product images has an ‘equivalent incandescent wattage’ guide which will help you see how GU10 LEDs compare with standard bulbs. We think you will be quite surprised.

Colour Temperatures

All of our bulbs are available in two main colours; warm white and cool white. For more information on these colour temperatures, please visit our exclusive blog page.

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