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85-265V AC
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Premium White
Input Voltage:
85-265V AC
Cutting Hole (mm):
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IP Rating:
1 Year

Short Can Fire-Rated Die-Cast GU10 Showerlight - White Description

This is a Short Can Fire-Rated Die-Cast GU10 Showerlight from Mirrorstone.

Due to its high IP65 (Ingress Protection) Rating and relatively short body length, it’s the ideal choice to use in shower and bathrooms where there’s limited recess space into which you can install it.

For ceilings with more recess space, you might consider the longer-bodied die-cast showerlight. This GU10 downlight also sports a stylish white finish, and features similar specifications.

People very rarely decide to purchase just one LED shower or downlight for their homes. So, to achieve optimum illumination, it’s wise to carefully consider the number of these lights you’re going to require.

Apart from this white GU10 fire rated showerlight we offer a huge selection of IP65 fire rated, standard GU10 fittings, IP65 fittings and Short Can GU10 downlights similar to the one in question.

Better Safe Than Sorry!

Over the last few years, with people’s increasing awareness of safety at home and at work, and building regulations becoming so much more rigorous, fire-rated LED downlights have begun to take over from their not-so-well-protected counterparts,.

A ceiling’s integrity is significantly compromised when cut to include any kind of downlight, and it becomes less fire-retardant as a result. Fire-rated downlights very effectively solve this problem. If a fire occurs, they’ll provide you, your family and anyone else in the building, an extra 90 minutes of protection, which can make all the difference.

The ESC (Electrical Safety Council) now recommends that all newly-built houses and business premises, due to have downlights installed, be fitted with the fire-rated variety.

To demonstrate our commitment to your safety, we stock an extremely wide range of other similarly-rated downlights, all of which are compatible with our GU10 LED light bulbs.

Also available, we have fire-rated MR16/GU5.3-compatible showerlights, boasting a wide variety of different finishes.

Versatility And Choice!

One of the great things that people love about LED lighting products is their incredible versatility and cross-compatibility.

For example, our bestselling GU10 LED bulb has been designed to simply replace your old, traditional spotlight bulb, and when you find out what it can do, you’ll wonder why you haven’t switched all of your bulbs for LEDs yet!

They prove their versatility simply by their ability to provide light colour temperature alternatives that will allow you to tailor the mood and ambience of your room to your own specifications.

Daylight white (4000K) is fast overcoming a general lack of knowledge about its properties, to become de rigueur in people’s offices and living areas, vying for supremacy with the warm white (3000K) option. Its naturalistic light quality seems to suit modern sensibilities perfectly, whereas for kitchens and bathrooms, the cool white (6000K) remains in vogue. The choice is yours!

Energy-Efficiency = Cost-Effectiveness

They’re so cost-effective too, as a direct result of their energy-efficiency!

Admittedly, it’s true that LED light bulbs will cost you slightly more than traditional ones, but it’s also a fact that they’ll pay for themselves several times over during their incredibly long lifetime.

LED bulbs last, on average 20x as long as the fluorescents they’re all set to replace in people’s hearts, minds and homes.

And they’ll produce the same number of Lumens of brightness as a fluorescent light, for a tiny fraction of the electricity! This means actual money in your pocket, as opposed to that of the utility companies, which will put a smile on your face!

These facts alone should convince you that it makes good financial sense to switch as soon as you can to LED lighting.

Convinced Yet?

If your answer to that question is ‘No’ then there are quite a few more equally compelling reasons for you to consider replacing your current light sources with LEDs.

LEDs don’t contain any highly noxious Mercury vapour, unlike fluorescent lights that utilise it to produce the equally nasty UV rays. Ultra-violet light is known to cause both premature aging and certain types of skin cancer.

As a rule, fluorescent lights and their ilk end their lives as landfill, whereas LED bulbs are fully recyclable, and thus immensely more kind the the environment.

When you do switch, you’ll discover that LEDs stay cool during use, so there’s no danger of ever being burned by one.

LEDs work in complete silence, so you’ll no longer have to put up with your fluorescent bulbs buzzing all the time. And they don’t have the constant flicker that’s known to cause eye-strain and headaches, meaning potential improvements for you and your family, health-wise.

More Great Savings!

We love to make you, our customers, happy. It seems, from our 3000+ customer reviews, that we’re managing this quite well, but we’re always looking for ways to improve.

We also encourage all our customers to take full advantage of our discounts and promotional codes. You can gain up to 20% discount off certain selected items, by applying the appropriate code at the checkout.

Another thing you can do to save money is become a trade customer. With this status, you can avail yourself of our even further reduced wholesale prices!

If You’re Not Happy...

...then we’re not happy, which is why we’ve implemented a 14-day returns policy on all our LED lighting solutions. As long as it’s within 14 days of the purchase date, you can return your item and receive either a replacement or a refund.

On this particular Fire Rated Short Can Die-cast GU10 Showerlight, there’s also a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee to give you additional peace of mind.

Get In Touch!

If you’d like to speak to a member of our Customer Service Team about buying this white GU10 showerlight, or indeed about any of our GU10 LED downlights & fittings, please don’t hesitate to call on 0116 321 4120 or e-mail us at