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Pair Of Teardrop Touch LED Table Lamps Description

If your décor is looking a bit tired and your accessories urgently need to be replaced, then why not start the process with this stunning Pair of Teardrop Touch LED Table Lamps from Mirrorstone?

Two stunning and original table lamps, they’re 340mm tall and have a diameter of 165mm, meaning they’ll be the ideal size to put on a small side table in your living room or a bedside cabinet in the boudoir.

Each boasts a TC-Polycotton shade that comes to you in a choice of three clean-cut hues, so opt for the red, black or cream shade to match to room’s your new colour scheme.

The stylishly designed, polished chrome base of these lamps hides a high-tech secret in that you’ll be able to control the intensity of the light by simply brushing it with your fingertips. There are four settings to choose from, beginning at on/off and ending with full brightness.

Just A Few Of The Great Features Of LED Lighting

You’ll need to buy two E14 LED Bulbs and because they’re touch lamps your bulbs should be dimmable. Fortunately, you can purchase the appropriate LED bulbs as part of the same order as the lamps, which is far more convenient and cost-effective for you than having to trawl the entire internet in search of them.

Simply click in the drop-down menu to let us know you want the bulbs, and indicate which of the two colour temperatures you’d prefer. They’re available in both warm (3000K) and cool (6000K) white, but if you’re at all unsure about which to go for, this short video will explain the essential differences:

When you do replace your old halogen bulbs and lights with up-to-the-minute LEDs, you’ll notice a drastic reduction in your lighting-related expenses. That’s because LEDs consume around 80 – 90% less electricity than halogens while still generating the same number of lumens.

They also enjoy a much longer expected lifespan. Indeed, at 25,000 to 50,000 hours, you can expect them to outlast their halogen counterparts between 10 and 20 times over, and when you discover how much more environmentally friendly they are, you’ll begin to wonder why it has taken you so long to make the change!

You’ll begin making savings of 10 to 20% on the price of this and many other selected products when you apply the latest promotional discount code to your shopping cart.

Bring Some LED Light Into Your Home!

These lights will look fabulous in one of your rooms, and when you see them in situ, you’ll definitely want to come back to peruse our enormous selection of LED table lights for all throughout your home.

If you’re having the featured lamps in the living room, for example, you might decide to continue the ‘touch lamp’ theme through in your open-plan kitchen/dining space. The Trumpet Touch LED Table Lamp will be ideal to accomplish this synergy of styles, and the absolutely massive variety of different finishes and shade combinations will enable you to fine-tune the room’s colour scheme to your specific specifications.

However, if your dining furniture is of a light wooden construction, made from a pine or a beech, the Cubic Wooden LED Table Lamp might co-ordinate more pleasingly. Indeed, you may have a modern Scandinavian-inspired vibe going on in there and, as such, this model will be absolutely ideal.

And, don’t forget about the bedroom when all of this revamping is happening. Why not grace your bedside tables with a couple of LED lights too, perhaps in the shape of the New York Skyline Touch LED Table Lamp on one side and the iconic Empire State Building LED Table Lamp on the other? It’ll feel like you’re waking up in the Big Apple every day of the week!

Remember that if you decide to purchase a combination of LED lighting products, orders of £40.00 or more are shipped completely free-of-charge, so take full advantage of that great offer!

Our Returns And Warranty Policies

When you purchase one of our LED lighting products, you’re more or less guaranteed satisfaction because you’ll have 28 days from the date of your order to return them if they don’t initially meet all your requirements. Simply give us a call and arrange to return your item in its original packaging and we’ll be more than happy to replace it with another or give you a refund.

As this is a special order item, we’ll have no choice but to charge you a 15% restocking fee if you do decide that you’d like to send it back. Therefore, if you’re in any doubt about a product you intend to buy, please speak with one of our customer service advisors on 0116 321 4120 before you commit to the purchase.

You can also contact us via email, at: and you can post your query on our Facebook or Twitter social media pages, where it will garner an extremely swift response.

Due to this being a special order item, you may need to allow between 3 and 5 days extra for it to be delivered to your door.

This Pair of Teardrop Touch LED Table Lamps comes complete with a full 12-month manufacturer’s replacement warranty which should afford you extra peace-of-mind for the future.