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85-265v AC
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Specification Table

Globe (GLS)
Equivalent Wattage:
Input Voltage:
85-265v AC
Height (mm):
Diameter (mm):
Life Hours:
Beam Angle:
Warm White (3000K) or Cool White (6000K)
5 Years

B22 9W LED Globe Bulb 810 Lumens "The Atlas" Description

At just 9W of power consumption, our stunning Atlas 9W B22 LED Bulb from the eco-rocket range by Mirrorstone is the perfect replacement for your 70W halogen bulb.

The B22 base ensures it retrofits straight into your current fittings – no other changes are required!

The stunning 810 lumens are bright enough to illuminate rooms of large size, thanks to the state-of-the-art Samsung LED Chips embedded inside.

The colour rendering index (CRI) of 80, and super wide beam angle of 230° means that you’re getting the highest quality LED light.

Equipped with a lifespan of 25,000 hours, it’ll last you for years to come. At an average use of 5 hours per day, that equates to over 13 years of life!

Warm Or Cool No Matter Where You Are In The World

You can pick from a range of 2 colour temperatures when you buy this bulb. Colour temperatures are just a measure of how warm a light is perceived to be. It’s measured on the Kelvin Scale.

The first of the 2 choices is warm white, which comes in at 3000K on the Kelvin Scale. It resembles the shade emitted by conventional halogen lights, creating a comfortable environment. This means it’s great to use in the living room or bedroom.

The other option is cool white, coming in at 6000K on the Kelvin Scale. This is a far brighter, icier shade of white that provides a more penetrative light. It’s much better suited to areas like the kitchen or bathroom, where bright task lighting is needed.

Keep Costs Low With LEDs

One of the main reasons people are switching to LEDs is because of how little power they use, and thus the impact they have on your electricity bills.

This is because of how energy efficient they are. They only lose about 10% of their energy to heat wastage, whereas traditional halogens lose up to 80% to heat, making them massively inefficient.

This of course results in lower energy consumption – it also has another money saving impact too.

Less heat means less wear and tear on the internals, giving them a much longer lifespan compared to the competition. LEDs often last up to twice as long as CFLs and up to 20 times longer than halogen bulbs – saving you massive amounts on maintenance costs.

You can also save more by visiting our discount and promotional codes page. You could save up to 20% off selected items, so it’s a good idea to keep checking back regularly!

Purchases made also add loyalty points to your account. You can use these for up to 10% off anything you order in the future!

A Massive 5 Year Extended Warranty

You can get a refund or exchange on our Atlas 9W B22 bulb if you’re not happy by making use of our 28 day returns period – no questions asked!

As standard, this B22 LED bulb comes with a 2 year warranty, though you can upgrade this to a 5 year warranty at no extra charge!

You just need to fill out the extended warranty form and send it back to us. Once we process it, we’ll send you confirmation via email – it’s that straightforward!

If you need any further assistance regarding this item, installations, wholesale purchases or anything else, you can give us a call on 0116 321 4120, email us at, or get in touch via social media by posting on our Facebook page, or by tweeting us @WLEDLightsUK using the hashtag #WLEDAware.

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