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85-265v AC
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Globe (GLS)
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Input Voltage:
85-265v AC
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Beam Angle:
Warm White & Cool White
2 Years

E27 9W LED Globe Bulb 810 Lumens "The Cosmic" Description

With a power consumption of only 9W, you will not find a better replacement for your 70w incandescent light bulb than the Cosmic 9W E27 LED Globe Bulb from Mirrorstone Lighting.

This light bulb is perfectly capable of retro fitting into your existing fitting, meaning there is minimal effort involved in making the switch and saving up to 90%. Not only can maintain you these amazing savings for up to 30,000 hours, but when you buy 5 or more you get a special multi buy discount.

You can get more than just a bulk buy discount though, with this 9W E27 bulb being applicable to the discount codes available on the site, you can make an additional 10-20% saving, ultimately meaning that you can save up to 25% before you've even had the items!

Why Is This Bulb Out Of This World?

Unlike the OMNI-LED range of LED Light bulbs, the Cosmic 9W E27 LED Globe Bulb features individual SMD LEDs. These individual LEDs are positioned so that even without the LED filaments, you still get a full 360° beam angle.

This beam angle is one of three outstanding features that make this E27 bulb seem extraterrestrial.

The next is that it also comes in one of two colour temperatures, providing suitability for anywhere around the home. Warm White (3000K) is designed to emit a light colour that can be compared to that of a traditional light bulb. This means, if you're looking to replace a bulb in the living room or bedroom Warm White may be best suited.

For a room that features more traditional decor, Warm White is also recommended to help complement what you already have.

The other colour this 9W bulb is available in, Cool White (6000K), is best in other rooms in the house. The colour it emits doesn't replicate a traditional light like Warm White does, but rather it emits a clinical white light. This makes it better in rooms where you wouldn't be relaxing as much like the bathroom and kitchen.

If your home has a modern design to it then the Cool White may be a more suitable colour.

Finally, the most astronomical specification is the Lumen count. Consuming just 9W, the Cosmic produces a massive 810lm.

Cover That Can Only Be From Another Galaxy

The Cosmic 9W E27 LED Globe Bulb comes with its own 2 year warranty, meaning that if there are any problems in future you'll be covered. If two years isn't long enough then fear not, each bulb can have its warranty extended by three years to 5 years, free of charge!

Each bulb also has a 28 day returns policy, meaning that if there is something wrong with, we'll happy swap it straight over for you. If you'd like a refund within this time, that'll also be fine!

For any more information on the Cosmic 9W E27 LED Globe Bulb, other E27 LED bulbs or the warranties attached them, then please feel free to get in touch with us by calling 0116 321 4120 or e-mailing

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