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IP Rating
240v AC
Maximum Load
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Orders Over £40 Ship Free

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SKU: HLG-120H-12B/24B

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Specification Table

Maximum Load:
Input Voltage:
240v AC
Output Voltage:
12v/24v DC
IP Rating:
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
7 Years

HLG 120w 0-10v Dimmable Driver Description

The HLG 120w 0-10v Dimmable Driver is an easy to use transformer that will ‘step down’ your 240V AC to either 12V or 24V DC depending on which you select. If you choose 12V, you can only use it with 12V strip tape, and the same rule applies for the 24V.

It has a max load of 120W, which is fairly high allowing you to use multiple strip lights on a single driver. It is also rather small, only measuring 90mm x 43.8mm x 252mm.

With the dimmable capabilities, it will allow you to control your light once you pair it with a suitable remote.

This particular driver can even be used outdoors or within a bathroom environment due to it being IP67. This means it is completely waterproof and also dust tight.

It comes complete with a CE and RoHS certificate, and 7-years warranty in case anything goes wrong.

To cut out any last-minute change of hearts, we give our customers a 28-day trial period allowing them to test out our products. If you’re not fully satisfied, you can return or exchange the item free of charge.

Exceptional Dimmable Drivers

Once you have selected which LED Strip Lights you would like, you can then go from there and choose which LED Power Supply will be the best choice to pair with the fitting.

If you only need a smaller wattage, we recommend the 40W DALI Dimmable LED Driver. It’s best paired with a trailing edge dimmer, allowing you to control the intensity smoothly and sophisticatedly.

For a higher wattage, we suggest the ProDim 300W Dimmable LED Driver. It will allow you to connect a multitude of strip tape to the driver, cutting out potential costs on having to buy more transformers.

Why Use LED Strip Tape?

As LEDs are so versatile, they can be incorporated into plenty of different fittings and used as tiny integrated chips. While the chips may be small, they are still able to exude a huge amount of light, while consuming very little electricity in the meantime.

They use such little power that if every UK household replaced one bulb to LEDs, the difference equates to 447 million trees being planted. This will reduce your carbon footprint, in turn helping the planet.

What makes LED tape so great is its flexibility, being able to be used around corners and different surfaces. This way you can install it pretty much anywhere, and if you send us the measurements, we can cut and solder it for you too.

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