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Warm White (3000K), Cool White (6000K) and Daylight (4000K)
3 Years

InfinityPlus 20W PIR Motion Sensor/Dusk Dawn LED Floodlight, 2000 Lumens Description

Detect motion and light up your drive or garden with the Mirrorstone InfinityPlus 20W PIR Motion Sensor/Dusk Dawn LED Floodlight. Being a 20W LED, it is the perfect replacement for any 200W halogen Floodlight. Being an IP65 rated unit, it has the capability of being installed externally without any risk of any water getting into the inner wiring or causing damage.

Coming with fully CE certified Twin and Earth connections, you will be able to swap it over directly with your existing Floodlight to make savings of up to 90% instantly. Not only can you benefit from long term savings but, you can also make use of the various, beneficial promotional codes for savings of up to 20% across the store.

Introducing InfinityPlus

Protect your home and loved ones with an InfinityPlus Floodlight from Mirrorstone Lighting. With a sturdy body and handle, these waterproof units emit in a triple-white cycle. This means you benefit from Warm, Cool and Daylight White with the push of a button. With a textured glass cover and toughened aluminium compound body for added protection against any weather, opt for either PIR or a Dusk/Dawn sensor too for this security light to shine with an increased number of lumens.

Seamlessly Switch Your Floodlights To LED

Like the 20W Standard Floodlight, the 20W PIR features a series of Surface Mounted Diodes (SMDs) to achieve its amazing light output. These diodes help the light achieve 2000lm of illumination - alongside a wide beam angle of 120° to achieve a huge cover of light.

On top of this large scope of light, you also have the option of choosing a variety of different finishes and light colours to get the unit look exactly how you want.

The Floodlight is available in either a Black or Grey finish to help with any design or style purposes. Not only this, each unit also comes with a triple-white cycle. Simply switch the Floodlight on and off to alternate between the three colours.

If you are looking for a more traditional look, Warm White may be the colour that is most worthwhile as it replicates halogen lights closely. This makes it great for use within a whole range of applications such as patios, as well as illuminating driveways.

The second colour option available, Cool White (6000K), is a lot whiter compared to Warm White and is better if you are looking to use the Floodlight to light up a garden for task purposes.

Finally, Daylight (4000K) comes down the middle of the other two, blending the brightness of cool with the soft hues of the warm.

If you are still a little confused, please refer to our guide on colours for LEDs to get comprehensive information on each colour temperature.

Sense Movement Or Light And Keep Your Property Secure

Unlike our range of standard LED Floodlights, the 20W PIR Floodlight comes with a choice of either a PIR Motion Sensor or a Photocell Dusk Dawn Sensor.

This motion detection helps add a level of security and reduces unnecessary expensive costs of illuminating when you don’t need to. The Dusk Dawn Sensor however works by switching on as soon as it detects a drop in the ambient light level, so your Floodlight will only switch on when it needs to.

The PIR motion sensor also acts as deterrent for potential burglars or vandals, bringing them into view.

Light Up Your Garden For A Long Time

Floodlights are a nightmare to change and is not something that you want to do often. This makes buying an InfinityPlus Floodlight even easier because they are renowned for their long life.

This huge lifespan on all LED Floodlights is around 30,000 hours, which roughly equates to 10 years usage. This means not only do you very rarely change your Floodlight, but you will make massive savings for up to a decade.

Home Trial & A 3-Year Warranty

Featuring a wide range of options for finish and colour, you can never be 100% certain as to exactly what you'll have and if it'll be perfect for you until you have it. This is why we offer a 14-day cancellation period, so if you aren't satisfied with the purchase you have made, then you can exchange it for something different. Please be informed that, as a special-order item, this fitting is subject to a 15% restocking fee.

This exchange period is coupled with a 3-year replacement warranty to cover you for the rare occurrence where a Floodlight fails, despite the exceptional reliability.

For any more information on the available ranges of Floodlight, and if you have any questions on accounts for our trade site to benefit from the available trade prices, then get in touch with our customer service team by calling us on 0116 321 4120 or by e-mailing

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