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LED Panel Light Mounting Kits

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If you’ve been thinking of purchasing one of our superb LED panels but are worried that you don’t have a suspended ceiling or any recessing space to spare, you’re going to need a Mirrorstone Panel Light Mounting Kit.

The mounting frames are finished in a pristine white gloss, and manufactured using high-quality aluminium that will effectively dissipate any heat generated by the panel and ensure it achieves its expected 50,000 hour lifespan.

Designed exclusively to be used with our Mirrorstone branded panel lights, these mounting kits cannot be guaranteed to fit those manufactured by other companies, so please bear that in mind.

The mounting kits, like our suspension kits from this selection, are designed to fit both 600 x 600 and 600 x 1200 sized LED Panel Lights, and which you opt for will be determined by the size of your space and how brightly you’d like to illuminate it.

The 600 x 600mm Suspension Kit, for example, will support a panel that generates a massive 3400 lumens of warm (3000K) or cool (6000K) white, daylight (4000K) or moonlight (5000K) coloured LED light, thereby giving you the unique opportunity to tailor the ambience of your space according to its function.

The suspension kits will be ideal both for industrial, commercial applications and for hi-tech, modernistic renovations such as warehouse conversions as they boast a utilitarian chrome finish.

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Our Returns And Warranty Policies

Whenever you purchase one of our products, you’ll have 14-days from the date of receipt to cancel it if it doesn’t meet all your requirements for some reason.

All of these LED Panel Light Mounting Kits are supplied complete with a 12-month manufacturer’s replacement warranty, so you’ll have added peace-of-mind going forward.

If you’d like a chat with one of our customer service advisors about anything LED lighting-related, please don’t hesitate to contact us by dialling 0116 321 4120 or via email at:

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